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Add extra security to your Basecamp account with Phone Verification

Posted on September 18, 2013

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Today we're excited to launch an even more secure Basecamp. With Phone Verification you'll enter your username and password when you sign-in just like you do today, then we'll send a message to your phone to make sure it's really you. 

This makes your Basecamp account extra safe because intruders can't simply guess your password to get into your projects. Phone verification is an easy way to make your projects more safe. It's entirely optional but we encourage everyone to enable it on their account.

Setup just takes a minute. You can find the Security settings by clicking Me in your Basecamp account, then Update your personal info. We've got full instructions on our help site if you get stuck:

As always, thank you for using (the even more secure) Basecamp!

Jason Zimdars
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)