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New in Basecamp: à la carte storage upgrades

Posted on December 3, 2013

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Up until now, if you needed more file storage for Basecamp you had to switch to a bigger plan. You may not have needed the extra projects, but you certainly needed more space.

Today, we’re excited to finally offer custom storage add-ons for every plan! Tailor your Basecamp package any way you want it.

Adding extra file storage takes seconds
Head on over to the all-new Upgrades page. We’ve made it easy to see every plan we offer along with available storage add-ons. (You need to be the Account owner or Billing Liaison. If you’re not, be sure to nudge the owner and tell them you’d like them to add more storage to your account!)

Just pick your plan, then pick how much extra storage you’d like and you’re on your way. Of course, you can add or subtract storage at any time.

Basecamp is your ultimate file vault
Basecamp is the perfect place to keep all of your hard work. Whether you’re archiving long videos or keeping track of thousands of documents, store it all here without ever eating up your own computer’s hard drive space.

As always, everything kept inside of Basecamp is safe, secure, and will stick around for as long as you need them.

Do even more with Basecamp and head to the Upgrades page to add more file storage to your account today.

We’re excited to keep growing with you,
Trevor & Mig
A programmer and designer happily making Basecamp