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New in Basecamp: Attach files to to-dos

Posted on October 2, 2014

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When you're making a to-do list, sometimes you have important reference material to include — a sketch of an idea, a screenshot of a bug report, or a presentation draft. In these cases, it'd be handy to attach those files directly to your to-dos, so you can easily refer to them and share them with your team.

Today, we've added that capability to Basecamp! Here's how it works.

When you add or edit a to-do, you'll see a new option: Attach Files.

Click that link, and you'll see a new place to upload files. It works just like everywhere else in Basecamp — you can select files manually or drag and drop files right onto the to-do.

When a to-do has files attached to it, you'll see a paperclip icon next to the to-do. Clicking on the paperclip will show you the attachments.

If someone assigns you a to-do with a file attached, you'll get an email with a preview of the file.

And of course, you can attach files on your phone, too.

We hope this makes to-dos a little richer and more flexible for you. Go forth and attach stuff!

— Jonas, Trevor, and George
The Basecamp Improvements crew