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New in Basecamp: Make a template from an existing project

Posted on December 4, 2014

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Project Templates are handy when you need to create the same kind of project over and over. Setting up a template in advance helps you avoid repetitive work and saves time.

There's only one problem: sometimes you don't realize that a project is worth repeating until it's already in progress! Until now, the only way to make a template was to start it from scratch. That meant that you had to do tedious manual work recreating an existing project.

But no longer — bid adieu to that tedious work. Today we've added an option to create a new template based on any project in Basecamp. Here's how it works:

First, head on over to the Project Templates section. Then click Make a template from an existing project.

You'll see a new page with a list of all your projects. Scroll down to the project you're looking for and select the Copy to a new template link below.

If the project had any to-dos assigned, you'll be able to include or exclude those assignments in the new template:

Now Basecamp will copy your project's contents into the new template: all the discussions, to-dos, files, text docs, events, emails, and people. (If the project had any completed to-dos, they'll be automatically reopened in the template.)

Once the copy process is finished, take a look at your new template:

Then make any changes you need (rename the template, delete unnecessary stuff, etc.) Your original project won't be affected at all.

We hope this saves some repetitive work and makes templates more useful for you!