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New in Basecamp: Text Documents 2.0

Posted on June 13, 2013

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Today we're excited to announce a big update to Text Documents in Basecamp. We've improved the entire workflow and made the version history a lot more useful. Oh, and did I mention you can now create and edit Text Documents on iPad, Basecamp for iPhone and with mobile browsers? 

Here's a peek at what's new:

Document Previews
Now when you browse all the Text Docs on your project you'll see small thumbnail previews of every document. They're perfectly readable and you can even click links without opening the document at all. 

Edit when you mean to, save only when you decide to
Now you can open a Text Document to select text, copy text and click links without changing anything. You have full control to only make changes when you really want to. When you're editing, you decide when to save a new version. 

Review changes
Basecamp keeps track of every change to your document, too. You can see when it was saved, who changed it and what they did. Every addition and deletion is highlighted. This is especially great when collaborating with other writers.

Works great on mobile
Write a new document on your iPad, make some edits on your phone, review changes in Basecamp for iPhone – text Documents now work great on mobile. The new Text Docs are ideal for taking notes in a meeting or when you want to get away from your laptop to focus.

The new Text Docs are available now for everyone – even your existing documents will take advantage of these new features automatically. Take them for a spin in your projects today.

We hope you love it!

Jason Zimdars
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)