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Introducing Basecamp Personal: The Basecamp for all your projects outside of work.

Posted on January 22, 2013

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Since the beginning, Basecamp has been marketed as a collaboration tool for small businesses (or small groups inside larger businesses). Since you're using it right now, you know how well it works for business.

However, over the years we've also heard from thousands of people who use Basecamp outside of work. They've turned to Basecamp to help them manage home improvement projects, hobby projects, volunteer projects, school projects, etc.

But one complaint we've heard is... Basecamp is priced for businesses, not for personal side projects. So today we're going to make it easier for people to use Basecamp for their non-work projects.

Today we launch Basecamp Personal

Basecamp Personal is priced for personal projects. Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, you can buy a Basecamp Personal project for $25. That's a one-time-fee. Just $25, and it's yours. Need another project down the road? Buy another one for $25. Buy one, buy many - buy just what you need, as you need it, and never have to worry about paying a monthly subscription.

How else is Basecamp Personal different from Basecamp?

Available exclusively for current Basecamp users

For the next few months, Basecamp Personal is available exclusively for current Basecamp users (that's you!).

Down the road we plan on opening up Basecamp Personal to anyone. But for now, it's just for people who already use Basecamp.

Start a project today

So if you have a personal project that could use some Basecamp-style organization, hop on over and get yourself a Basecamp Personal project today!