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Basecamp has unique benefits for different people in your organization.

Basecamp benefits

If you’re a business owner…

Basecamp helps you stay on top of every project in your business. You’ll always see the big picture, what’s in progress, what’s coming up next, and who’s in charge of what.

Plus, every morning you’ll automatically get an executive summary email from Basecamp telling you exactly what happened yesterday.

If you’re a project manager…

Basecamp helps you define and delegate work, establish deadlines, review work in progress, evaluate what’s left to do.

You can also schedule meetings, keep stakeholders up to date, know who’s working on what, give feedback, and keep a dozen plates in the air without them crashing down all around you.

If you’re working on a project…

Basecamp lets you keep track of your assignments and check things off when they’re done.

Basecamp is also a great place to post work for review, brainstorm ideas with co-workers, store important project assets (logos, documents, etc.), and present work to your boss or manager too.