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Privacy policy updates

Posted on December 21, 2018

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We've updated our privacy policy! Here's what's new: we're now asking account owners for your billing address to accurately calculate sales taxes, to help prevent credit card fraud, and to print on your invoices. For everyone else, there are no changes that affect you!

New in Basecamp: Get less email from Basecamp!

Posted on April 16, 2015

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When your projects are humming along with a lot of activity (and we hope they are!) you might start receiving lots of email from Basecamp. Sometimes the volume can get overwhelming or repetitive, especially if you keep a close eye on Basecamp throughout the day anyway.

Today we’ve added a new email summary option to help tame the notification beasts. Here’s how it works.

Head over to your Me page and click the Your Basecamp Settings link. You’ll see a new section called “Email frequency.”

Turn on the option that says "Email me a summary every few hours at most." Now Basecamp will roll up all of your notifications and send you a single email every three hours or so. So instead of getting 10 separate emails for 10 new comments as they happen, you’ll get one email containing all 10 comments a little later.

The summary email looks something like this:

The summary will contain anything people notified you about, like new messages, comments, to-do assignments, calendar events, uploaded files, or forwarded emails.

(Don’t worry, Basecamp still has your back! It’ll continue to email you immediately about any events or to-dos that are coming up soon, so you can act on them right away.)

You can also turn this option on or off at any time with the links in the bottom of emails Basecamp sends.

We hope this update makes your inbox a bit more relaxing!

New in Basecamp: Filter by keyword to quickly find what you're looking for

Posted on March 27, 2015

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When you have a lot of active Basecamp projects (or even just one project with a lot of stuff in it) it can be tricky to dig up that old file, text document, or discussion. You might not remember which project it’s in, or exactly what it was called — especially if someone else posted it. To help you in those situations, we’ve added a lightning-fast new way to dig up that needle in the haystack.

Inside any project or in the Everything pages, you can type part of the name of the thing you’re looking for, and Basecamp will rapidly show you all the items that match what you typed.

Let’s say you’re looking for an old discussion your team was having. You remember it was called Something…product…something something. Hop on over to Basecamp’s All discussions page and filter by “product”:

Other times you might be looking for a zip file, but you can’t remember the name. It was probably, but who remembers file names like that? No problem, Just filter by ‘zip’ and browse the list.

You can use this trick to find discussions, text documents, files, and forwarded emails. Give it a whirl today!

New in Basecamp: Time warp to the beginning of a project

Posted on February 27, 2015

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Basecamp’s Catch up page is a great way to read about what happened recently in your project, but that’s not the only situation where you need to get caught up.

Sometimes you’re invited to a project halfway through, while things are already in progress. Or you might recall something that happened early on, and you’d like to refer back to it. In those cases, it’d be better to start from the beginning of the project and work your way forward in time.

To help you do that, we’ve added a small but useful new option: now you can time warp back to the beginning of a project! Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Catch up page in any project:

Then click on the date link. You’ll see a new option that says Time warp to… the beginning of the project.

Click that, and you’ll be transported back to the very first day. From there, you can work your way forward. And you can always transport back to the present by clicking the date again and choosing Time warp to… the last day of the project.

Have fun time traveling! cyclone

P.S. Stay on the lookout for some more new stuff coming soon…

New in Basecamp: Download multiple files at once

Posted on December 5, 2014

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Every so often, someone posts several files to Basecamp at once: a set of photos, a few sketches, or a bundle of documents to help kick off a project. You might need to take the files and do something with them, like make changes, email them to someone else, etc.

When that happens, wouldn't it be nice to grab 'em all in one fell swoop? Well, now you can! There's a new option to download all files attached to something in Basecamp: 

You'll see this link at the bottom of any item that has more than one file attached to it. When you click the link, Basecamp will make a zip archive containing those files and download it to your computer. It just takes a second.

Give it a try today. Happy downloading! grinpage_facing_uppage_facing_uparrow_down

New in Basecamp: Make a template from an existing project

Posted on December 4, 2014

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Project Templates are handy when you need to create the same kind of project over and over. Setting up a template in advance helps you avoid repetitive work and saves time.

There's only one problem: sometimes you don't realize that a project is worth repeating until it's already in progress! Until now, the only way to make a template was to start it from scratch. That meant that you had to do tedious manual work recreating an existing project.

But no longer — bid adieu to that tedious work. Today we've added an option to create a new template based on any project in Basecamp. Here's how it works:

First, head on over to the Project Templates section. Then click Make a template from an existing project.

You'll see a new page with a list of all your projects. Scroll down to the project you're looking for and select the Copy to a new template link below.

If the project had any to-dos assigned, you'll be able to include or exclude those assignments in the new template:

Now Basecamp will copy your project's contents into the new template: all the discussions, to-dos, files, text docs, events, emails, and people. (If the project had any completed to-dos, they'll be automatically reopened in the template.)

Once the copy process is finished, take a look at your new template:

Then make any changes you need (rename the template, delete unnecessary stuff, etc.) Your original project won't be affected at all.

We hope this saves some repetitive work and makes templates more useful for you!

Basecamp for iPhone 2.0 is here!

Posted on December 3, 2014

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Today  we've got an all new Basecamp for iPhone for you! It’s available now in the App Store, and as always it's free.

New features and design just for iOS 8
We decided to finally bring over the great iOS8-inspired design we first introduced this summer on Basecamp for iPad. Every screen has been re-thought, re-designed, and polished with improved navigation, and a fluid layout that adapts to every iPhone out there.

But the new Basecamp isn’t just a pretty new face, this update brings a ton of new features including:

  • To-dos. Drag them. Reorder them. Check them off. Assign them. Pick a due date. Get stuff done!
  • Search. Jump to a project or person easily or find that thing that's in Basecamp.
  • Make Projects. Right from your phone, get started right with a new project in Basecamp.
  • Today Widget. Get a glance at your to-dos and calendar events from your iPhone's Today screen.
  • Share extension. Post a sketch from apps like Paper in Basecamp. Copy that link from Safari into Basecamp. Put it in Basecamp!
  • Handoff. Looking at Basecamp on your Mac or iPad? Pop open your iPhone and pick up right where you left off.
  • 1Password. Users of AgileBits' excellent password manager can now sign-in to Basecamp on iOS.

With this update we’ve unified the experience and features on Basecamp for iPhone and iPad. Long term that means new features will arrive on both platforms simultaneously and the unified codebase means we can make improvements faster than ever before. And it works both ways! Basecamp for iPhone gets all the iOS 8 goodies from iPad in this release and Basecamp for iPad now has support for Basecamp Classic accounts (which was previously only available on iPhone).

To get all the new goodies make sure your iPhone or iPad is on iOS 8, then head on over to the App Store, it’s free! 

Get it for iPhone:
Get it for iPad: