Basecamp Features & Updates

Basecamp just keeps getting better.

Here are the very latest features and updates.

Privacy policy updates

Posted on December 21, 2018

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We've updated our privacy policy! Here's what's new: we're now asking account owners for your billing address to accurately calculate sales taxes, to help prevent credit card fraud, and to print on your invoices. For everyone else, there are no changes that affect you!

New in Basecamp: Get less email from Basecamp!

Posted on April 16, 2015

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When your projects are humming along with a lot of activity (and we hope they are!) you might start receiving lots of email from Basecamp. Sometimes the volume can get overwhelming or repetitive, especially if you keep a close eye on Basecamp throughout the day anyway.

Today we’ve added a new email summary option to help tame the notification beasts. Here’s how it works.

Head over to your Me page and click the Your Basecamp Settings link. You’ll see a new section called “Email frequency.”

Turn on the option that says "Email me a summary every few hours at most." Now Basecamp will roll up all of your notifications and send you a single email every three hours or so. So instead of getting 10 separate emails for 10 new comments as they happen, you’ll get one email containing all 10 comments a little later.

The summary email looks something like this:

The summary will contain anything people notified you about, like new messages, comments, to-do assignments, calendar events, uploaded files, or forwarded emails.

(Don’t worry, Basecamp still has your back! It’ll continue to email you immediately about any events or to-dos that are coming up soon, so you can act on them right away.)

You can also turn this option on or off at any time with the links in the bottom of emails Basecamp sends.

We hope this update makes your inbox a bit more relaxing!

New in Basecamp: Filter by keyword to quickly find what you're looking for

Posted on March 27, 2015

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When you have a lot of active Basecamp projects (or even just one project with a lot of stuff in it) it can be tricky to dig up that old file, text document, or discussion. You might not remember which project it’s in, or exactly what it was called — especially if someone else posted it. To help you in those situations, we’ve added a lightning-fast new way to dig up that needle in the haystack.

Inside any project or in the Everything pages, you can type part of the name of the thing you’re looking for, and Basecamp will rapidly show you all the items that match what you typed.

Let’s say you’re looking for an old discussion your team was having. You remember it was called Something…product…something something. Hop on over to Basecamp’s All discussions page and filter by “product”:

Other times you might be looking for a zip file, but you can’t remember the name. It was probably, but who remembers file names like that? No problem, Just filter by ‘zip’ and browse the list.

You can use this trick to find discussions, text documents, files, and forwarded emails. Give it a whirl today!