Basecamp Features & Updates

Basecamp just keeps getting better.

Here are the very latest features and updates.

New in Basecamp: Calendar improvements

Posted on February 13, 2014

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Today we launched a bunch of updates to Basecamp's Calendar! Here's what's new:

Project calendars
Until today, project events showed up in a list view. The list was helpful for reviewing the project schedule, but it wasn't so great for adding and rescheduling events.

Now, every project has its own month-by-month calendar grid. Click the Events link in any project's toolbar, and you'll see the project calendar. You can schedule and rearrange events and to-dos, just like you would on the main Calendar page.

Agenda view
Sometimes you need a simple report of what's coming up next, so we've added an Agenda view to all of your calendars. When you click on a calendar's name, you'll see a link to the agenda at the top of the page. The agenda includes that calendar's events and to-dos with due dates.

Adding people to an event
Now it's easier to let people know about an event. Just type names or email addresses, and Basecamp will send those folks an email with all the details. You can even loop in people who aren't part of your Basecamp account, and they'll get the event info by email only.

Custom reminder times
Basecamp also got better at sending email reminders. You can select whether a reminder should be sent on the day of the event, the day before, or two days before. You can also choose what time of day the reminder should be sent. Everyone who's been added to the event will get the reminder.

Rescheduled event notifications
We want to make sure your team never misses that important meeting! When you reschedule an event, Basecamp will automatically send an email to all of the event's recipients, letting them know about the new date and time. (Don't worry, there's a delay of 5 minutes, so people won't get too many emails if you pick the wrong date or change your mind again.)

Start your week on Monday
If you'd like the Calendar to start on Monday instead of Sunday, head on over to your Me page and click the My Basecamp settings link on the right. Then check the "Show Monday as the first day of the week" option.

The little things
We snuck in a some other tiny updates:
• The calendar is wider, so there's more space for your events.
• Single-day events have a colored background instead of a bullet point. 
• Now you can loop in people and set custom event reminders on your phone, too.
• Plus a few more — see if you can spot them! grin

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and thanks for using Basecamp!

—Jonas Downey
Designer at Basecamp

Launch: The official Basecamp Android app

Posted on February 5, 2014

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Today we are thrilled to announce the official Basecamp app for Android.

It's available for free in the Google Play store:

Just like its counterpart on iOS, our Android app is the perfect companion to Basecamp when you're on the go. Get the latest news on your projects and follow progress as people complete to-dos and upload files. Make decisions wherever you are — every document, discussion, and date is right in your pocket. Jump in on a conversation. Check off a few to-dos. It's like you never left the office.

Basecamp for Android was designed from the ground up to work great, look sharp, and take advantage of the capabilities of your recent Android phone and tablet. Create new projects on the go. Open links directly in the app. Jump to any project from a shortcut on your home screen. You can attach or save Basecamp files in Dropbox, Google Drive or wherever you store them. You can even start a new message with text you wrote in another app. Basecamp works the way you do on Android.

We're excited to bring Basecamp to Android and proud to have designed and developed it in-house. Growing our own capabilities means Basecamp is here to stay on Android, and we're just getting started.

So grab your Android and download Basecamp today on Google Play. We can't wait for you to try it.

Jason Zimdars
Designer at Basecamp

New in Basecamp: à la carte storage upgrades

Posted on December 3, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Up until now, if you needed more file storage for Basecamp you had to switch to a bigger plan. You may not have needed the extra projects, but you certainly needed more space.

Today, we’re excited to finally offer custom storage add-ons for every plan! Tailor your Basecamp package any way you want it.

Adding extra file storage takes seconds
Head on over to the all-new Upgrades page. We’ve made it easy to see every plan we offer along with available storage add-ons. (You need to be the Account owner or Billing Liaison. If you’re not, be sure to nudge the owner and tell them you’d like them to add more storage to your account!)

Just pick your plan, then pick how much extra storage you’d like and you’re on your way. Of course, you can add or subtract storage at any time.

Basecamp is your ultimate file vault
Basecamp is the perfect place to keep all of your hard work. Whether you’re archiving long videos or keeping track of thousands of documents, store it all here without ever eating up your own computer’s hard drive space.

As always, everything kept inside of Basecamp is safe, secure, and will stick around for as long as you need them.

Do even more with Basecamp and head to the Upgrades page to add more file storage to your account today.

We’re excited to keep growing with you,
Trevor & Mig
A programmer and designer happily making Basecamp

New in Basecamp: Google Docs

Posted on November 22, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
It's always been easy to share files and gather feedback in Basecamp. You can drag & drop MS Office documents, Photoshop mockups, and QuickTime videos right into your project to start the conversation.

But these days, there's a good chance some of the files you want to share aren't even on your hard drive. That's why we're excited to announce Google Docs support in Basecamp. Now you can attach Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings just like any file.

Here's how it works:

Connecting to Google
When attaching a file in Basecamp, you'll see a new option to attach Google Docs. The first time you click that link, you'll be prompted to give Basecamp access to see your Google files.

Adding your files
Once you've connected your Google account, Basecamp will show a list of your Google Docs. Pick the files you'd like to attach, hit "Select," and the files will be added to your message or comment. Want to include a file from your hard drive, too? Not a problem. You can easily mix attachments from Google and files from your hard drive.

Google Docs will appear just like any other file in Basecamp. You can add tags, click for more details, and delete them if you made a mistake. Google Docs even show up in search results!

Document previews
Anytime you click a Google Doc inside Basecamp, you'll see a read-only preview. This works whenever you're signed into Google and have access to the file.

Requesting access to Google Docs
Sometimes, you may not have access to see a Google Doc someone else added to your project. To request access, click 'Request access.' Google will send an email to the file's creator, asking them to grant you permission.

For more details about using Google Docs with Basecamp, be sure to check out these instructions on our help site:

Basecamp is already a great place to collaborate and discuss files. Now with Google Docs integration, working with files is even better.

Thanks for using Basecamp and happy file sharing!

Scott Upton
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)

New in Basecamp: full size images in discussions

Posted on November 7, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp

Last month Basecamp got a brand new design for file attachments in your projects. The new grid design introduced an orderly, uncluttered way to browse all of your project's files and the improved preview mode added new actions for working with them.

After living with the new designs for a bit in our own projects, we thought we could do even better. Sure, it's nice to click on an image to see it presented larger in the preview overlay, but so often when we attach images to messages and comments the discussion is directly about them. So we thought, "Why not show images as large as possible right there in the conversation?" 

We think it's much nicer to be able to read an ad's copy or see the details of a website design right there in the context of the discussion—no need to flip back and forth between the comments and the zoomed image. It's faster, more natural and makes it easier to digest the conversation.

If your regularly discuss images and design in your projects, we think you're going to love this update. For those projects where no-image files are the norm, everything stays the same—your attachments will still appear in the grid layout.

We know files are a huge part of many Basecamp projects, the same is true for us at 37signals. We're committed to making Basecamp the best place to keep everything about your projects. We hope you love this update. 

Thanks for using Basecamp and have a great Tuesday!

Jason Zimdars

Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp) 

A brand new design for files and images

Posted on October 8, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Now files in your Basecamp projects are displayed in a clean, orderly grid with bigger images, large titles and far less clutter. 

Click any file to open the redesigned preview mode with clear actions to download, view, comment or delete it. The new preview works everywhere you see files in Basecamp.

If you manage tons of files in Basecamp you'll love this: You can now delete files anywhere including inside individual comments! Of course you can always bring them back if you make a mistake.

We hope these small changes add up to big improvements in your project workflow. We'd love to hear what you think. If you have questions or comments, hit us up on Twitter:

Thanks for using Basecamp and have a great week!

Jason Zimdars
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp) 

Add extra security to your Basecamp account with Phone Verification

Posted on September 18, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Today we're excited to launch an even more secure Basecamp. With Phone Verification you'll enter your username and password when you sign-in just like you do today, then we'll send a message to your phone to make sure it's really you. 

This makes your Basecamp account extra safe because intruders can't simply guess your password to get into your projects. Phone verification is an easy way to make your projects more safe. It's entirely optional but we encourage everyone to enable it on their account.

Setup just takes a minute. You can find the Security settings by clicking Me in your Basecamp account, then Update your personal info. We've got full instructions on our help site if you get stuck:

As always, thank you for using (the even more secure) Basecamp!

Jason Zimdars
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)

New: Calendars and Me in Basecamp for iPhone 1.3

Posted on July 19, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp

This update brings "Calendar" and "Me" to your Basecamp for iPhone home screen. View and edit dates across all of your Projects and Calendars with the new "Next 6 Weeks" view and improved navigation. With the "Me" page, all of your assigned to-dos and recent activity is just a tap away.

The update is available now. Basecamp for iPhone is free in the App Store:

New in Basecamp: Client Projects

Posted on July 9, 2013

Basecamp avatar Basecamp
Basecamp is great for working with clients. Every day, thousands of architects, designers, developers, consultants, accountants, and lawyers post updates so their clients can stay up to date.

But there's way more that goes into a project than just the stuff clients can see. From internal discussions and strategy sessions to design mockups and contract reviews, projects are full of behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress stuff you don't want your clients to see. Where do you put all this stuff if your clients have access to your projects?

Today we're introducing a brand new way to organize your projects so you have control over exactly what content your client sees. Now you can hide any message, to-do list, file, event, or text document with a single click. You'll see it, your team will see it, but your client won't. It's all under your control.

Here's how it works:

Your team and the client
Now when you invite people to your projects, you'll see two groups: One for your team and another for your clients. Everyone on your team can see everything posted to the project — every message, every to-do list, every file. People you invite as clients will only see the posts you want them to see.

Inviting clients
To turn on client access for a particular project, jump over to the client tab. Once enabled, you can start inviting clients. Not ready to invite your clients yet? No problem. You can start choosing what clients can see before you invite them.

Hiding your posts
With client access turned on, you'll see a new option every time you post a new message, to-do list, file, event, or text document to the project. Want to share something with our team but keep it off the client's radar? Just check this box and only you and your team will see it. You can even edit existing posts if you want to hide those, too.

What's hidden and what's not?
Anything you've hidden from your client is clearly marked inside Basecamp and in the emails you and your team receive. This takes the guesswork out of who can see what.

Sharing content with the client
Did you hide something by mistake? Prefer to share it with the client after all? It's easy to make something visible again. Just click the button at the top of the page and your post will be visible to everyone on the project. Your team will get an email letting them know you've made this change.

Importing from Basecamp Classic
Until now, Basecamp Classic customers couldn't import projects with private items to the new Basecamp. That's all changed. Now, anyone on your Classic projects from another company will be added as a client to projects you import. Private items will be moved over and hidden from your clients. Easy!

Basecamp is already the best way to work on projects and, with the brand new ability to manage what your clients can see, it just got a whole lot better. We think you're going to love it.

Scott Upton
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)