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New in Basecamp: Client Projects

Posted on July 9, 2013

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Basecamp is great for working with clients. Every day, thousands of architects, designers, developers, consultants, accountants, and lawyers post updates so their clients can stay up to date.

But there's way more that goes into a project than just the stuff clients can see. From internal discussions and strategy sessions to design mockups and contract reviews, projects are full of behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress stuff you don't want your clients to see. Where do you put all this stuff if your clients have access to your projects?

Today we're introducing a brand new way to organize your projects so you have control over exactly what content your client sees. Now you can hide any message, to-do list, file, event, or text document with a single click. You'll see it, your team will see it, but your client won't. It's all under your control.

Here's how it works:

Your team and the client
Now when you invite people to your projects, you'll see two groups: One for your team and another for your clients. Everyone on your team can see everything posted to the project — every message, every to-do list, every file. People you invite as clients will only see the posts you want them to see.

Inviting clients
To turn on client access for a particular project, jump over to the client tab. Once enabled, you can start inviting clients. Not ready to invite your clients yet? No problem. You can start choosing what clients can see before you invite them.

Hiding your posts
With client access turned on, you'll see a new option every time you post a new message, to-do list, file, event, or text document to the project. Want to share something with our team but keep it off the client's radar? Just check this box and only you and your team will see it. You can even edit existing posts if you want to hide those, too.

What's hidden and what's not?
Anything you've hidden from your client is clearly marked inside Basecamp and in the emails you and your team receive. This takes the guesswork out of who can see what.

Sharing content with the client
Did you hide something by mistake? Prefer to share it with the client after all? It's easy to make something visible again. Just click the button at the top of the page and your post will be visible to everyone on the project. Your team will get an email letting them know you've made this change.

Importing from Basecamp Classic
Until now, Basecamp Classic customers couldn't import projects with private items to the new Basecamp. That's all changed. Now, anyone on your Classic projects from another company will be added as a client to projects you import. Private items will be moved over and hidden from your clients. Easy!

Basecamp is already the best way to work on projects and, with the brand new ability to manage what your clients can see, it just got a whole lot better. We think you're going to love it.

Scott Upton
Designer at 37signals (We're the people behind Basecamp)