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Basecamp for iPad is here!

Posted on July 30, 2014

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Today Basecamp arrives on iPad with a brand new official app designed exclusively for iPad. 

It's available for free on the App Store:

  • Break away from your desk. Create and manage projects from the coffee shop, the train, or the couch. 
  • Review images and files at full size and high resolution. Slow down and read that long post from the client. Basecamp takes full advantage of iPad's generous screen space.
  • A brand new touch-friendly design makes Basecamp for iPad the best way to manage and organize (re-order!) your to-dos.
  • Leave your laptop behind. Take notes, set deadlines, add a few to-dos, snap a pic of the whiteboard to post in the project. Basecamp for iPad is great in meetings.

Whether you live on your iPad or just use it casually, we think you'll find plenty of new reasons to reach for it when you need Basecamp. During development, it quickly became an indispensable part of my breakfast routine. I catch-up on progress from the day before and plan for the one ahead. It's easy to focus while reading long discussions and getting my to-dos organized so when I finally do open up my laptop the decks are clear—time to get to work. I can't wait to hear how Basecamp for iPad becomes part of your work day.

To install it, grab your iPad and head on over to the App Store. If you've been using Basecamp for iPhone on your iPad up until now please note this is a separate app, not an update. Here's a direct link:

Jason along with Nick and Zach,
The iPad team at Basecamp