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Basecamp for iPhone 2.0 is here!

Posted on December 3, 2014

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Today  we've got an all new Basecamp for iPhone for you! It’s available now in the App Store, and as always it's free.

New features and design just for iOS 8
We decided to finally bring over the great iOS8-inspired design we first introduced this summer on Basecamp for iPad. Every screen has been re-thought, re-designed, and polished with improved navigation, and a fluid layout that adapts to every iPhone out there.

But the new Basecamp isn’t just a pretty new face, this update brings a ton of new features including:

  • To-dos. Drag them. Reorder them. Check them off. Assign them. Pick a due date. Get stuff done!
  • Search. Jump to a project or person easily or find that thing that's in Basecamp.
  • Make Projects. Right from your phone, get started right with a new project in Basecamp.
  • Today Widget. Get a glance at your to-dos and calendar events from your iPhone's Today screen.
  • Share extension. Post a sketch from apps like Paper in Basecamp. Copy that link from Safari into Basecamp. Put it in Basecamp!
  • Handoff. Looking at Basecamp on your Mac or iPad? Pop open your iPhone and pick up right where you left off.
  • 1Password. Users of AgileBits' excellent password manager can now sign-in to Basecamp on iOS.

With this update we’ve unified the experience and features on Basecamp for iPhone and iPad. Long term that means new features will arrive on both platforms simultaneously and the unified codebase means we can make improvements faster than ever before. And it works both ways! Basecamp for iPhone gets all the iOS 8 goodies from iPad in this release and Basecamp for iPad now has support for Basecamp Classic accounts (which was previously only available on iPhone).

To get all the new goodies make sure your iPhone or iPad is on iOS 8, then head on over to the App Store, it’s free! 

Get it for iPhone:
Get it for iPad: