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Chapter 8:

Getting Started

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Getting started at Basecamp involves a lot of little details, a number of big tasks, learning the details of your new job, meeting new coworkers, all while working remotely. Your Basecamp buddy, your Ops buddy, your team, and your manager are all here to help. We have no set time period for training and on-boarding periods, but most people are up to speed in about 3 months.

Your Buddy

When you start, you’ll be assigned a buddy. Your buddy will be someone who’s not on your immediate team, who’s worked at Basecamp for a while, and who can point you in the right direction when you have a question and don’t quite know where to turn. They’ll introduce themselves during your first week, to say hi and offer their help. They’ll check in with you periodically throughout your first couple months to see how you’re settling in.

Setting Up Your Machine

Someone on our Ops team will help you set up all the accounts you need to work at Basecamp. Before you start, Andrea will order you a new laptop with the specs you request and any accessories you need like an external keyboard, mouse, or monitor. Get what you need, and keep in mind the demands of your work when choosing specs.

Your manager will set up a Basecamp dedicated to your onboarding called “Welcome, [your name]!”. When you start, you’ll have access to that Basecamp. In it, you’ll see to-dos linking to accounts or services that you need to set up — an external hard drive, 2FA for various accounts, and private wi-fi to name a few. You’ll also see things that your Ops buddy or manager need to set up — Basecamp (obvi), GitHub, and Queenbee, among a whole list of other things. Don’t worry if you don’t know what some of these services are. You’ll be guided through everything.

We have a very stringent and specific security protocol, which we then monitor using Shipshape 🔒. Here’s a list 🔒 of what we require and, just as importantly, why we require it.

Any specific training schedules or milestones and Your First 90-days will be in your “Welcome” Basecamp.

We don’t just make Basecamp, we run our entire business on it too. It puts all our project communication, task management, and documentation in one place where everyone can work together seamlessly.