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If you travel out of your country of residence with your work laptop or other devices, you may face questions about business visitor visas, customs, and border security. We have answers!

When you travel for Basecamp business, here’s what you need:

  1. Your passport! Apply for one now if you don’t have one already. Renew now if your passport expires in the next six months.
  2. A travel visa, waiver, or an electronic travel authorization. Basecamp will cover the cost of any documentation you need to travel on Basecamp business.
  3. An invitation letter that substantiates the purpose of your travel.
  4. Your lodging address and contact info.
  5. A security checklist for your laptop and phone. Clearing work data from your devices is required before crossing any border.

Travel to the United States


You need a visa or a waiver to authorize travel to the US. If your country participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), then you can apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) within 3 days of travel. The ESTA is valid for 2 years. Apply for an ESTA here.

Canadian passport holders don’t need a visa to enter the US for non-paid business events. Passport and government ID are all that’s required.

B-1 Business Visitor Visa

If your country does not participate in the Visa Waiver Program or you are not eligible for an ESTA, you’ll need to apply for a B-1 business visitor visa… the long way.

We’ll work with you through this process. Start early, as soon as we have dates for a meetup or conference. Visa appointments and processing can take weeks to months. Ping Andrea as soon as you know that you’ll need a visa.

Trusted Traveler Programs

Citizens of some countries are eligible for Global Entry and Canadians are eligible for NEXUS. These programs are completely optional but may make life a little easier, at the cost of onerous biometric scans like fingerprinting (for Global Entry and NEXUS) and iris scanning (for NEXUS). Note: An ESTA is still required for travel; these programs just speed up entry.

Travel to countries other than the United States


The visa requirements for your nationality will vary depending on the country you plan to visit, as individual visa policies and requirements vary for different foreign citizens. It may or may not be necessary to obtain a travel document to visit your country of destination.

Please check the requirements for your nationality with your destination country as far in advance of travel as you can. You can also use a visa checker. You may be able to travel visa-free, or you may need to obtain a visa, a waiver, or an electronic travel authorization.

Invitation Letter

To substantiate the purpose of your travel to any country, we can provide an unofficial invitation letter that states that you’re traveling on behalf of Basecamp business. Verify in advance if the country you’re visiting requires a letter of purpose, and that you won’t need a work visa to accompany a letter.

Company Security at Border Crossings

When you cross a border, you may be asked to unlock your phone or laptop for search, possibly exposing sensitive company data like source code, passwords, and customer account data. Yikes! We need to take some precautionary measures to safeguard our data.

What’s a work device? Anything you have company data on: your laptop where you work with Basecamp source code; your tablet where you read Basecamp email; your phone where you use the Basecamp app; etc.

TL;DR: Don’t Travel With Work Data

Checklist: Before You Travel

Checklist: At Customs

Checklist: When You Arrive

Checklist: When You Return

Any Questions?

Hitting a snag or have any questions? Ping Jeremy, Jane, or Andrea and we can help.

We don’t just make Basecamp, we run our entire business on it too. It puts all our project communication, task management, and documentation in one place where everyone can work together seamlessly.