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Our Pledge

In the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe workplace, Basecamp pledges to be a harassment- and discrimination-free space for everyone, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, nationality, neurotype, personal appearance, political affiliation, professional background, race, religion, or sexual identity or orientation.

Our Standards

Examples of behavior that contributes to creating a healthy environment include:

Examples of unacceptable behavior by employees include:

Our Responsibilities

Managers are responsible for upholding these standards. They will be clear and equitable when applying standards of acceptable behavior. They’re required to take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior. If you have questions about the standards above, talk to your manager or to Andrea.


This Code of Conduct applies both within Basecamp during work hours and in public spaces when you’re representing Basecamp. Examples of representing Basecamp in a public space include acting as a delegate at an online or offline event like a conference, posting on Basecamp branded social media, or participating in a Basecamp social event outside of work hours.


If you notice someone acting inappropriately as described in the standards above, you can report it by contacting your manager or Andrea. Or you can complete a complaint form. You may choose to remain anonymous on the complaint form.

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is appropriate to the circumstances. Managers are required maintain your confidentiality however you choose to report an incident.

After your complaint has been reviewed, investigated, and responded to, Andrea or your manager will inform you of the steps being taken to address the original issue and any disciplinary outcomes.

In addition, all valid complaints about employees will be documented in a permanent file, along with related investigation processes and disciplinary outcomes. Repeated complaints about one employee will result in escalating disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.

Managers who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct in good faith will be subject to corrective action as well.

We don’t just make Basecamp, we run our entire business on it too. It puts all our project communication, task management, and documentation in one place where everyone can work together seamlessly.