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Canceling or pausing your account

Only the Account Owner or a Billing Liaison can cancel or pause the account. Make an export so you have a copy of your account info.

Pausing your account

Need to take a break from your Basecamp account? Pause it for a while! You can pause your account for 6 months, free of charge. After that, it's just $10/month. You can reactivate the account at any time. Your people and projects will be right where you left them.

  1. Click Account, then scroll to the bottom of the page.
    Pause link

  2. To resume your subscription, just sign in and head to your account. Click the 'Resume' button, and you're back! Rexume link

    Pausing one account will not affect any other accounts you own.


If you're sure you'd rather cancel your account instead of pausing, we'll be so sorry to see you go! Canceling takes effect immediately – you won't be charged again, and your account will be inaccessible.

  1. Click Account, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Cancel link
  2. For security's sake, your data will be permanently deleted after 30 days. If you need to get back into your account before then, shoot us an email. We can help!

    Canceling one account will not cancel any other accounts you own.

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