Quick Answers

How do I use automatic check-ins?

Automatic check-ins are questions that prompt your team to share updates regularly with everyone in the project.

Customize your check-ins so they work for your team's needs. Head to the project where that check-in is asked and click on the question. If you don't need that check-in right now, click the 'Stop asking people' link just under the question.

To make changes to the check-in, click 'Edit' in the upper left corner. You'll be able to rewrite the question, select who's asked, and when the question should be asked. Be sure to click 'Save my changes' at the bottom of the page when you're done with your edits.

How do I update the credit card or find invoices?

If you're an account owner, head to Adminland and click the 'Handle billing & invoices' link under the 'Account Owners' heading there. You'll see a link to 'Update your card' and a list of your past invoices. Click on the invoice you'd like to view to see a copy of it.

You need to be an owner to make billing changes and see invoices. Not sure who that is? Head to Adminland to see who owns your account.

How do I cancel my account?

We totally get it if it's time for you to move on — thanks a lot for trying out Basecamp! If you're an account owner, head to Adminland and click the 'Cancel this account' link under the 'Account Owners' heading there.

You need to be an owner to cancel an account. Not sure who that is? Head to Adminland to see who owns your account.

How can I delete or archive a project?

Delete or archive a project right from the Home page by clicking the ••• menu button in the upper right corner of the project card. Select 'Archive or Delete It' from the options and confirm which action you'd like to take. If you're already inside the project, head to the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the project's main page to archive or delete it.

How do I reinvite someone or check status?

To resend a user's invitation email, click on "Add/remove people" at the top of the project or team site.

You'll see everyone in the project, and beneath their names, you'll have the option to "Send a link to log in." We'll send an email to your user who hasn't accepted their invitation. If they have accepted the invitation already, they'll get linked straight to the login screen.

To check if a user has accepted an invitation, you could send a ping to that user. You can also post a welcome message in the project: be sure to ask new users to add a comment or applaud once they've logged in.

How do I migrate projects from Basecamp 2?

You need to be the owner of the Basecamp 2 account where those projects are currently located. You also need to be an administrator or owner of the Basecamp 3 account you'd like them to end up.

In Basecamp 3's Adminland, click the 'Move Projects from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 3' link under the 'Administrators' heading. We've made the process simple by guiding you from start to finish! Be sure to read the info we provide and click the green button at the bottom of the screen when you're ready to move on to the next step until it's complete.

Where's My Stuff?

My Stuff is located on the Home page right next to the Company HQ. If you don't have a Company HQ, My Stuff is at the top of the Home page next to your logo.

You can also access the contents of My Stuff quickly from anywhere in Basecamp using the Jump Menu shortcut!

How do I update my email, photo, or login?

Update your profile in a snap! Click your avatar in the upper right corner of Basecamp and select 'My profile' from the menu that populates to edit your information.

You'll also see the 'Edit my profile' option when you click your avatar anywhere it appears in Basecamp.

How do I run a report?

Select 'Reports' at the top of page anywhere in Basecamp to gain some insight for all of your Teams and Projects. In most cases, the report you choose will generate immediately. Simply choose from the provided drop down menu for reports that require a selection.

Need to view or share a report outside of Basecamp? Click File > Print on your computer's top menu bar while you're viewing the report in a browser or the desktop app. You'll be able to 'Save as PDF' or print that report from there!.

How do I use the schedule with my calendar?

Each Project, Team, and Company HQ has its own Schedule. You can add individual events to the Schedule and notify other users about events. Dated to-dos in that Project (or Team or Company HQ) will also show up in the Schedule.

Once you're in the Schedule section, click "Add another event" (or "Add the first event") at the very top. You'll have the option to name the event, note whether it's all day (or multiple days), and what time it will occur. You can add particular users and notes, and you can also choose who to notify about this event. Click "Post this event" at the bottom of the page when you're done.

To export your Schedule events (and dated to-dos) to an external calendar, click "Subscribe" in the upper left corner of the Schedule. Follow the instructions to sync up your Schedule to iCal, Outlook, or a Google calendar. Keep in mind it's a one-way sync: your Schedule items will appear in your external calendar, but items from that calendar won't show up in your Schedule.

Subscribe to each Schedule you'd like synced up with an external calendar.

How do I create a project template?

You can create a template in order to generate the same project over and over.

Under "Projects," look for a link to "Make a resuable template" (if this is the first template on the account) or "Manage templates" (if there are already templates created here).

Start up the template just like you'd start a new project. Note: you won't be able to copy anything into your template. You will create it all from scratch.

You can create tasks, documents, messages, and turn on the campfire, and email forwarding tool in your template. You'll also be able to set relative dates for tasks and scheduled events. You won't assign to-dos to anyone: you'll assign to-dos once you've created a project from this template, and invited users to that project.

Wondering how to create a project from your new template? Under projects, click the option "New from Template" in the New Project button.