Handle Billing & Invoices

When you need to take care of anything related to billing or invoices, you'll want to go to the "Handle Billing & Invoices" section. Here you can:

To get started click on the upper-left Basecamp icon and then on Adminland in the purple menu.

Home screen with an arrow pointing to Adminland

Once in Adminland, you'll want to select the "Handle Billing & Invoices" option.

'Handle billing & invoices' link on the Adminland page

Update your credit card

Oops, did your card expire? Or did you just get a new card? No biggie, updating your card only takes a second. First, click the Update your credit card link...

Adminland 'Handle Billing & invoices' page with arrow pointing to 'Update your card' link

Next, enter your new card's details...

Adminland 'Update your credit card' page

Make a lump sum payment

We charge you for your Basecamp account on a monthly or yearly basis. Sometimes, though, you'd rather pay on your own timeline. Lump sum payments can help! You select how much you'd like to pay up front, and we'll add the credit to your account balance. Any charges are withdrawn from your credit balance first, you'll get an invoice each time as a reminder. We'll also give you a heads up when the balance is running low.

First, find the lump sum payment link...

Adminland 'Handle Billing & invoices' page with arrow pointing to 'Make a lump sum payment' link

Select how much credit you'd like to add...

Adminland 'Make a lump sum payment' page

You'll see your new credit balance...

Adminland 'Handle Billing & invoices' page with arrow pointing to credit balance

Change which email receives invoices or customize an invoice

Tired of forwarding invoices with explanations to the company accountant? No problem, just click the link to Change who gets invoice emails...

Adminland 'Handle Billing & invoices' page with arrow pointing to 'Change who gets invoice emails' link

Then enter their email address instead of your own, and add any notes they might need!

Adminland 'Change your invoice settings' page

Look up past invoices

End of the year bookkeeping? You can grab all your past invoices anytime, just scroll down and click the month you're looking for — you'll get a plain-text copy of your invoice.

'Here are all your past invoices' section of Adminland page

Only account owners can handle billing and invoices. If the current owner of your account isn't available, read our account ownership policy.

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