Getting the client's approval on the record

Sometimes you need an official YES or NO sign-off from the client. Basecamp can help with that! Click Get their approval on the record...

'Email the client' page with arrow pointing to 'Get their approval on the record' button

Now you'll be able to write up what needs to be approved and send it to someone on the client side. You can attach files, too.

Approval composition form with example content featuring a Dogcow

You'll also have the option to set a due date for the approval. If you set a date, Basecamp will automatically remind your client to answer 24 hours before the approval is due (and once every day if it's overdue.)

Approval deadline section of the approval composition form

Once the request is sent, it goes into WAITING status. You can still change the request or cancel it while it's waiting.

Client message on the Clientside with 'waiting' label attached

Now the client will receive an email asking them to answer your request.

Approval email as seen by the client

When they click the green button, they'll be taken to a simple page with the request, where they can answer YES or NO and leave a comment. (They won't need to log in or anything like that.)

Approval page as seen by the client

After the client answers, their response will go back into Basecamp. You'll get a notification about the answer, and the original post will be updated with their yes or no.

Approval page with client feedback form

If you need to follow up, just reply to that thread. Then the client can reply via email like normal.

Approved client message on the Clientside

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