Clientside Message Board

The Clientside Message Board collects all the messages you send to your clients. It gives them a place to view and read all your communications. They can download attachments and answer your approval requests too!

Here's what the client sees:

Clientboard overview page

Your clients get to the Clientside Message Board by clicking on a link in the email messages sent from Basecamp. Client email with circled link to Clientboard

Securing your Clientboard

Each Clientside Message Board has a 4 digit PIN to keep it secure. Basecamp can resend the PIN to your clients if they forget it. Only clients can send themselves a PIN. Basecamp keeps everyone else out! Clientboard with PIN roadblock

To change the PIN, just head to the Clientside and click on the PIN. Clientside page with circled Client access PIN link

Click 'Reset this PIN' Clientboard PIN reset page

If you remove people from the Clientside, make sure to reset the PIN. Removed clients won't be able to send themselves the new PIN, so they won't see any new additions to the Clientside Message Board.

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