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Teams and Projects


Teams are where people in similar roles share things with each other and stay coordinated. Use them for ongoing groups or departments like Customer Service, Marketing, or Sales.

If you don’t see the Teams section on your home screen, click the 🔑Adminland link in the top right corner of the Home screen, and then choose "Set up what's shown on the Home screen" and flip the Teams toggle on.

Add a new Team

To create a new team, click on the + button in the teams section, name your team, and you're done!

Start a new Team


Projects are the heart of Basecamp. You can make projects for every major thing you have going on — like a marketing campaign, a new product launch, or a project for a client. Inside projects, you’ll post announcements, chat, organize and assign work, set deadlines, share files, and present ideas.

Add a new Project

To create a new project, click on the + button in the Projects section. Then type the name of the project and hit the Save button.

Start a new Project

Once that’s done, you’re in! Click on the project and you’ll see the six tools that are part of every project by default: Campfire, Message Board, To-dos, Schedule, Automatic Check-ins, and Docs & Files. You can organize these in the order you want them in.


At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a link to any tools you don’t have turned on. Click that, and you’ll have the option to turn on (or off) any of the project tools.


Below your tools, you'll find the activity timeline, where you can see all the updates that have been made to this project!

Inviting people

When you’re ready for other people to join the project so you can work together, hit the Invite people to the project button at the top of the page. Read more about adding people to a project.


Click the Settings icon toward the upper right corner to update the project’s name or description, change what tools are visible, or archive/delete it. We’ve got a couple of Developers’ Tools included there too.


Tip: If you'd like to assign a team or project lead, include that info in your project description. It will show up on that project's page, and on the project card.

Turn a project into a team

Have a project that would be better suited as a team (or vice-versa)? No problem! You can swap it over. First, go to the Settings for the project and select "Update name, description, etc…"


Then you’ll see an option to switch it to a team.