Removing people from a project

Getting started

To remove someone to a Project, Team, or Company HQ, click the Add/remove people… button right beside people’s avatars.

Project page with arrow pointing to 'Add/remove people...' button

Then scroll down to the block at the bottom that says People already on the project.

Add/remove people page with arrow pointing to the 'People already on this project' section

Below each person’s name, you’ll see a link that says Remove. Click that and you’ll be prompted to confirm that you’d like to remove this person from the project.

'People already on this project' section of the people page with arrow pointing to 'Remove' button under person

Hit the Remove button, and you’re done! That person will no longer have access to this project.

Removing a client from a project

To remove a client, click the People on the Clientside tab, then scroll down to the Clients already on the project block.

'People on the Clientside' tab with arrow pointing to 'Clients already on the project' section

Click the Remove link below a client’s name, and they’ll no longer be able to send or receive updates from the Clientside.

Removing someone from your Basecamp account

If you need to remove a person from your Basecamp account entirely, head on over to Adminland.

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