Sometimes posting a message isn't necessary, and you want to chat in real time. Campfire is the place to be!

Every Project has its own Campfire room. To enter a Campfire, open the Project and click on the Campfire window.

Campfire chat

Scroll up in a chat window to view what you missed. When you want to add a comment, type your text at the bottom of the window and hit enter.

A Campfire conversation

You can also drag and drop saved images, or paste image URLs into a chat line — perfect for all those cat and Beyoncé gifs you need to share with the team.

To grab someone’s attention in Campfire, you can @mention them by typing the @ symbol followed by their name. They’ll receive a notification for the mention.

Mentioning someone with an @mention

To stay current in specific campfires, click Follow at the top right of the window.

Choosing to follow a campfire room

If you need to delete a post, click on ... next to the time stamp above your post.

Clicking three dots

A red trash can will appear next to your post! Click on that to delete the post. (Note: you can only delete your own posts.)

Trashing a post

You'll see a counter next to the Campfires menu for new posts to the Campfires you're following. Click on that notification icon to see which Campfire rooms have new posts, and then on a Campfire name to go directly to that chat. To stop following a Campfire, click the following button.

Following campfire rooms in the campfire menu

Campfire supports the sounds listed here. Impress (startle?) your friends! You don't need codes to use emoji in Basecamp 3, though! On a Mac, use control + command + space bar to pull up emoji. In Windows, look for the keyboard icon in the Windows taskbar in the lower right corner.