The Message Board

When you want to post an idea that doesn't necessarily belong in a text doc or in a Campfire — but you do want others to see it, and for it to have a more permanent place to live — message board! It's a happy medium for those middle-of-the-road conversations.

The Message Board doesn't aggregate conversations that happen elsewhere — it's only for messages and discussions posted here.

Project message board

To create a new message, enter the Message Board card and click Post a new message.

Message board 'Post a message' button

The Tool Bar

Format your text with the tool bar.

Message composition tool bar

You can add headings, and bulleted or numbered lists. Click the indent icons (or press Tab on your keyboard) to make a sublist.

Example message with a list

You can embed images into your message. Click and drag pictures from your computer into the message to embed them in-line. (JPG, GIF, and PNG supported.)

Example message with an image of a brown Rooster

The camera icon will activate your device's camera so you can take a picture and attach it to the discussion.

Example message with arrow pointing to camera button

Attach a file to your discussion by clicking the attachment icon to attach a file, or click and drag the file from your computer.

To remove an attachment or picture from your draft, just click on it, then click the trash can.

Example message showing an attachment with trash icon displayed

Once you're finished composing, you can click to Add/remove people at the bottom of the page.

When you're ready to post the message, click the green Post this message button. If you're not ready to send the message just yet, click Save Draft and Basecamp 3 will keep it saved for when you're ready.

Post / save section of message composition page

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