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Get new projects moving.

Basecamp gives you a shared space for your project so you can discuss, plan, share files, and get momentum.

A woman frustratedly looking at her watch. A chat status window behind her shows that no one is active.

Before Basecamp

  • slow or no progress
  • infrequent communication
  • lack of coordination
  • too many bottlenecks
  • time-wasting meetings
A woman sitting relaxed in front of her computer watching the work flow in.

After Basecamp

  • frequent communication
  • steady progress
  • everyone knows what needs doing
  • one place for everything
  • roadblocks cleared quickly

Basecamp projects give you a dedicated space to discuss, assign work, and share files.

New projects need breathing room. Progress grinds to a halt when there's too much noise from other projects or too many people in the mix. Basecamp gives each project a dedicated space that only the people involved can see. You'll be able to see where things stand at a glance and keep “drive by's” to a minimum.

Assignable to-dos with due dates makes sure progress keeps happening.

Things slip through the cracks when responsibility isn't clearly defined. Load up a to-do with notes on what needs doing, add a due date, then assign it to whomever is going to be responsible. Basecamp will take care of follow up on overdue tasks so you don't have to.

Comments let you discuss work where it happens.

Splitting up work and communication across a bunch of tools doesn't work. Basecamp lets you comment on anything and everything so discussion happens right where the work is. Have a question about to-do that was assigned to you? Ask right on the to-do. No wading through emails. No bugging everyone else.

Pull people into the conversation with mentions.

Sometimes you need to pull someone else into a discussion in order to answer questions or provide feedback. Simply type the @ symbol with part or all of a person's name and Basecamp will notify them about the conversation.

Message boards let you make announcements or get feedback on big questions.

Real time chat is great for quick questions and cat gifs, but it's not ideal for announcements or lengthy discussions. Message boards give you a place for longer messages or announcements to your project team. Responses appear right on the same page. You can even customize the message types to fit the project at hand.

Famously easy to use

The most powerful productivity tools are worthless if your team can't figure out how to use them. That’s why we meticulously design every feature to be intuitive and straightforward. You’ll love using Basecamp, and your team will too.

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