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Streamline the way you work.

Basecamp helps you create a process for tasks so your team can take on more work without more stress.

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Before Basecamp

  • messy email chains
  • stuff slipping through the cracks
  • constantly playing catch-up
  • client / vendor disputes
  • time-wasting meetings
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After Basecamp

  • full accountability
  • a streamlined process
  • feeling on top & in control
  • work organized in one place
  • better decision making

Unlimited projects keep you organized.

When you use email to run your projects, everything gets mashed together. It's a mess. Basecamp lets you break up all those projects (and the people working on them) into separate spaces. No more digging through email or creating complex inbox rules.

To-dos make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Things slip through the cracks when responsibility isn't clearly defined. Load up a to-do with notes on what needs doing, add a due date, then assign it to whomever is going to be responsible. Basecamp will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

Automate your project process with templates.

If you do the same kind of projects over and over, you shouldn't have to start from scratch every time. Templates let you predefine to-do lists, messages, events, and more. Projects will get off the ground quickly and get done reliably.

Comments let you discuss work where it happens.

Splitting up work and communication across a bunch of tools doesn't work. Basecamp lets you comment on anything and everything so discussion happens right where the work is. Have a question about to-do that was assigned to you? Ask right on the to-do. No wading through emails. No bugging everyone else.

Check-ins let you know what's going on without wasting time on status meetings.

Basecamp lets you ask your whole team or people on a project a question on an interval you define. All the answers are wrapped up in a single thread, making it quick and easy for everyone to stay in the loop. All without having to waste time on valueless status meetings.

Famously easy to use

The most powerful productivity tools are worthless if your team can't figure out how to use them. That’s why we meticulously design every feature to be intuitive and straightforward. You’ll love using Basecamp, and your team will too.

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