Made with Basecamp

Basecamp helps make amazing things.

Our customers are a super creative bunch. They make designer toys, write books, launch companies, produce marketing campaigns, coordinate events, make bicycles, choose leaders, customize furniture, prepare students, design comic books, and just about everything else you can imagine. With customers in nearly every industry and every country on earth, Basecamp helps millions of people turn ideas into reality. Has Basecamp helped you make something amazing? Please show us!

Dry Seasons
The Half a Month used Basecamp to make a comic book.

Spaces of Play used Basecamp to make a video game.

Stories in Stitches
Sheep to Shawl used Basecamp to make a new book series.

2013 Pop-up Exhibition
Chicago Design Museum used Basecamp to organize an exhibition.

Si Digital used Basecamp to make this robot named Sid.

Hello Industry – Matter
Hello Industry used Basecamp to make their last 5 albums.

DNA Test
Gentle Labs uses Basecamp to sequence DNA.

Perfect Weather
Contrast used Basecamp to make a new weather app.

No. 1
Budnitz Bicycles uses Basecamp to make elegant city bikes.

The Keen Garage
Keen Footwear used Basecamp to make their flagship store in Portland.

Album of Letters
From a Birdie used Basecamp to make this handmade book... For the President.

Mer Lion Metals uses Basecamp to trade custom steel parts.

Restaurant Millwork
Bluetree Casework uses Basecamp to make cabinets for restaurants.

Derek Gavey used Basecamp to make a CD.

CoWork Jax Day Pass
CoWork Jax used Basecamp to build a co-working space.

Ninth Bishop
The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan used Basecamp to find their 9th Bishop.