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Work at Basecamp

At Basecamp, we help small businesses deal with growth. We help them get it together - and keep it together - so they can do their best work for their own customers. Join us!

Current openings


Basecamp is hiring a Controller to oversee all aspects of our accounting operations. You’ll work with our Head of Finance to implement new systems, processes, and controls to rebuild Basecamp’s accounting activities from the ground up. This is a role for an experienced candidate, someone who’s done similar work at a small to mid-sized SaaS company with a global footprint. We’re accepting applications until February 1. Read more…

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Customer support representatives

Basecamp is looking for two Support Representatives to join our team in providing the best customer support around. We’re specifically looking for candidates who live in US time zones (North or South America). You’ll be responsible for providing tremendous customer service and support via email for all versions of Basecamp and our other apps. We’ll be accepting applications until January 30. Read more…

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We’re hiring our first ever in-house Recruiter to help us build our incredible team at Basecamp. You’ll be responsible for sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top-notch talent, and helping us build out the related tech and systems. This is a remote position, however we’re only considering candidates who live in the United States. Applications are being accepted until February 1. Read more…

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Who we are

An eclectic crew united by intellectual curiosity and a passion for creating truly great products.

Basecamp is spread out across 43 cities in 10 countries around the world, so everyone is free to live and work in the places they thrive.

We run the gamut in geography, lifestyle and interest, but we’re united by a common set of values and goals: do exceptional work, build the best product in the business, experiment, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, give back, and keep learning.

Collectively, we’ve run a profitable and popular business for 23 years straight, launched a widely popular programming framework (Ruby on Rails), written best-selling books, and a whole lot more.

Who you are

Rock star? Pass. Friendly and thoughtful? Let’s talk.

In broad strokes, Managers of One thrive at Basecamp. If you consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human, you might just have a home here.

What we’re not looking for are ideological clones. You hear a lot of talk from tech companies that diversity is important for making great software. 100% true, but diversity has deeper value beyond monetary. There are few better ways to expand your horizons and grow as a person than to put yourself in the company of others with different backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

What it’s like to work here

A calm, collected environment where you can do your best work.

We work hard to make sure every employee is given the freedom, tools, trust, and support to do the best work of their careers. That's why so many people who work at Basecamp stay at Basecamp.

We respect everyone's right to participate in political expression and activism, but we avoid having political debates on our internal communication systems. Basecamp as a company also does not weigh in on politics publicly, outside of topics directly related to our business. You should be at peace with both of these stances.

We value a calm company and deliberate, concerted effort. You’ll have a lot fewer meetings, a lot less email, and a lot less interruption. Turns out 8 hours are plenty of time to get work done when you don’t slice your day into tiny “work moments”.

It’ll take some getting used to if you’ve been immersed in ASAP culture, but after a while you’ll wonder how you worked any other way.

We work in small, independent teams, typically on a 6 week cycle. Everyone at Basecamp participates in Everyone On Support every few months, and twice a year we all get together in Chicago to work and play together. Read our employee handbook for more details on what it’s like to work at Basecamp. Make sure you check out the benefits and perks. Spoiler; they’re great.