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HEY for Domains Ownership and Management Policy

HEY for Domains accounts are owned by the organization detailed during signup, if this is a legal entity. If the organization is unincorporated, the account is owned by the individual who signed up for the account.

Regardless of ownership, the management of the account is done by Account Managers. The person who originally signed up for the account is default designated the primary Account Manager, but the role can be reassigned.

What can Account Managers do?

Account Managers can:

  • Access and export all data in an account: that means they have the ability to read every email sent or received within the HEY for Domains account.
  • Manage all aspects of the account’s subscription: including updating billing information, adding more users, and canceling an account.
  • Configure and manage all technical aspects of an account’s setup: including verifying domain ownership and DNS-related records.
  • Change account managers: We encourage customers to designate someone you trust to help co-manage your organization’s HEY account in case the primary Account Manager is out of office. Account managers can add or remove other co-managers directly in HEY. The one exception is: it is not possible within the app to revoke Account Manager permissions from the primary Account Manager who set up the account. In order to make changes to this primary Account Manager, please email us with the request.

Can Basecamp help us change the Account Manager?

If the account is owned by a legal entity, we at Basecamp can reassign account management if provided with enough proof that the request is coming from a top-level organizational leader. To start a request to change the Account Manager, an owner or chief executive of the organization must email our support team.

From there, we’ll ask for more verification of identity and relationship to the organization as well as ensure that there are no pending disputes of ownership. This process will likely take several days, as we need to make absolutely sure the request is legitimate.

If we’re unable to verify the legitimacy of the request, or if it’s being disputed by the current Account Manager, we may require a properly served court order for Basecamp LLC to proceed.

Still have a question?

Please get in touch with our support team and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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