Cheat Sheet:

Wanna be a Basecamp power user? Hone your skills with these pro tips!

Unlock Vintage Basecamp

Type dogcow on any Basecamp screen to launch the Vintage Basecamp view! Reload the page to get back to the regular view.

Double-click on top or bottom to scroll long pages

You can double-click on the bottom corner of either side of Basecamp to quickly scroll to the bottom of the page. Double-click the top to bring you back up!

Drag and drop to attach files to a post

Drag and drop files from your desktop to quickly attach them to a discussion or comment.

Drag and drop to add a file directly to a project

Drag and drop files from your desktop anywhere on your project sheet to quickly add them to the files section.

Drag a calendar event to go to the future!

Drag a calendar event to one of the arrows on your calendar to change the date to sometime in the distant future!

Drag a spanned calendar event to change its dates

Change the range of dates on any spanned event by dragging that event onto a new range in your calendar.

Drag a calendar event to change its date

Change the date of any calendar event by dragging it to a new date in the calendar.

Drag to reorder multiple files attached to a message

Change the order of files attached to a discussion or comment by dragging them up and down before posting.

Drag to reorder to-do items

Change the order of to-do items in a list by dragging them where you want them. You can even move them to other lists.

Drag to reorder to-do lists

You can drag entire to-do lists to change their order within a project.

Jump to a person from search

Jump to any person by typing their name in the search bar, then select them from the drop-down list.

Jump to a project from the search bar

Jump to any project by typing its name in the search bar, then select it from the drop-down list.

Navigate with keyboard shortcuts G + 1 through 6

Type simple keyboard shortcuts to navigate quickly around Basecamp!

G + 1 goes to Projects
G + 2 goes to Calendar
G + 3 goes to Everything
G + 4 goes to Timeline
G + 5 goes to Everyone
G + 6 goes to Me

Jump to the search bar from anywhere

Type G + F to instantly get to the search bar from anywhere!

Shift + click to scroll to a section within a project

In any project sheet, hold down shift and click the section header you’d like to quickly scroll to.

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