Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a logo or customize Basecamp in any way?

At the moment it isn't possible to customize your account or projects with colors, a company logo or a custom URL. We know which accounts you have access to, and let you choose which to enter when you log in with your username.

Sorry about that!

How can I add new versions of a file?

Upload the original file like normal to the Files section. The revision of that file can be uploaded as a comment on that original file, along with any notes you want to add. This way, you always have the original file and the latest version is always in the most recent comment!

How do I access Basecamp from my mobile device?

Basecamp 2 has its own apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

You can also check in on your projects anywhere – no apps required! Simply sign in to Basecamp with your phone or tablet’s browser and you’re all set! Check out the Mobile section for more info!

How can I pay for Basecamp?

We accept all major credit cards. While we're unable to accept other forms of payment, you can pay for several months in advance via lump sum. Watch this video to see how lump sum payments work! Basecamp also has an Annual Plan.

Is Basecamp available in other languages?

Basecamp 2 is only available in English at the moment - sorry!

However, we've made sure that all of the places where you can enter text can handle pretty much any language, including emoji.

How much does Basecamp cost? Is there a free plan, or are there any special rates?

Basecamp 2 starts as low as $20 a month! You can find plans and pricing here.

There's no free plan for Basecamp 2; sorry! We try to keep things affordable and on a level playing field for everyone. Basecamp 2 is free during your trial period! If you're a teacher, Basecamp is free for you.

Customers using the original version of Basecamp (Basecamp Classic) can use Basecamp 2 for free on the equivalent plan, so long as the Classic account is up and running.

Did you know you can change your Basecamp plan at any time?

How can I reset my password, or help someone else reset theirs?

You can send yourself or someone else a password reset from the login page. Click on the "I forgot my username/password" under the login prompt. Enter your email address to send yourself a password reset email, or their email address to have one sent to them.

Go directly to that page here.

Can I change the calendar to start on Mondays?

Yes! See instructions in the Calendar guide.

What are the technical requirements for using Basecamp?

Basecamp is available anywhere you have an internet connection. There's nothing to install, and all you need is a modern web browser. If you're not sure if you've got the right browser, check our guide.

What happens when my trial ends?

If your trial ends before you choose a plan, your account will freeze. Your data will remain intact, though inaccessible, until you choose a plan and add a credit card.

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