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Switching to Basecamp 2 from Basecamp Classic

You're welcome to use your Basecamp Classic account as long as you like. When you're ready, it's easy for you to move your Classic projects into the new and improved version of Basecamp. And if you keep your paid Classic account open, the new Basecamp is yours for free!

Only the Basecamp Classic account owner can perform these steps.

Creating a new account

  1. If you don't already have a Basecamp 2 account, create one here.

  2. Visit the account page in your new Basecamp 2 account, and choose the option to link that account to your Basecamp Classic account.

To link accounts, you'll need to own both of them, under the same ID.

Link accounts

Migrate your projects

Your Account page in Basecamp 2 will give you the option to migrate your projects over from Basecamp Classic. Click "Choose which projects to move."

  1. Pick a project to migrate: You can migrate any project in your Classic account. Migrate

    When you migrate a project, it will automatically be archived in Basecamp Classic. All users will be unsubscribed from notifications in the new projects. We'll let you decide when to notify users of the change.

Changes from Classic

Classic projects migrate to Basecamp 2 very easily, but there are a few changes you may want to keep in mind:

Unlinking your account

If you don't want your Classic and Basecamp 2 accounts linked anymore, you can unlink them from the Account page in Basecamp 2.

  1. From your account page, scroll down to Move projects from Basecamp Classic and click "Unlink this Basecamp Classic account." Unlink the account

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