Basecamp 2 Help > Working with People > Granting admin powers

Granting access and superpowers

Superpowers let you create account admins, and give people the ability to create new projects.

  1. To give people in your account Superpowers, you must be an Admin or the account owner. If you are, go to the "Everyone" page… Everyone
  2. Under the recently active people, click "Grant admin and other superpowers." Grant superpowers
  3. Check the boxes by each person to enable or disable superpowers. Enable or disable

Admins can see everyone in the account, create projects, delete project items, remove users, and grant admin permissions to other people.

Billing liaisons can upgrade or downgrade your account plan, and update the credit card on file. They can cancel and pause an account. Billing liaisons do not automatically have admin powers.

The Can create projects superpower allows people to create a new project in the account.

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