Account Owner Actions

Account Owners can do everything Admins can, plus: upgrade/downgrade the account and handle all the billing and invoices. Here's a list of all the owner actions:

If you need to take care of an Owner action, get started by clicking on the upper-left Basecamp icon and then on Adminland in the purple menu.

Home screen with an arrow pointing to Adminland

Once in Adminland, scroll down until you see the Owner Actions.

Adminland Owner actions

Handle billing & invoices

See how much you'll be charged on your next invoice and when to expect it. Need to add a lump sum payment, change your credit card, or customize an invoice? No biggie, here's a guide for making billing & invoice changes.

Adminland 'Handle billing & invoices' page

Access any project or team

Need to see what Projects have been created without you? Or need to get access to a Team you weren't added to? As an account owner, you can add yourself to any Team or Project, any time.

First, scroll down the Adminland page and click Access any project or team

Then find the Project or Team you need to access and click the add me button.

Adminland 'Access any project or team' page

Export data from this account

You can export Basecamp data from your account anytime. Whether you just want to download an export of your latest Project, or all of them, this is the place to do it.

First, scroll down on the Adminland page to find the option to Export data from this account

Here you'll get a list of all the active and archived Teams and Projects on your account—even those you haven't been added to. Just check off the ones you'd like to export, and click Export my data.

Adminland export page

Putting together your export can take a while, so please be patient. Don't worry though, we'll email you as soon as it's ready for you.

Once you've downloaded your export, you'll be able to open it up on any computer and click around just like a website.

Browsing exported data

Add/remove other account owners

Basecamp 3 accounts can have more than one owner, so the original owner can designate additional people as owners — handy (and recommended!) for when you're out of the office having a baby or something, and your credit card expires! You don't want to have to talk to Basecamp support while you're in labor, do you? Of course not. But seriously, adding a backup account owner really is a good idea.

Adminland 'Add/remove other account owners' page

Rename this account

Oops, got a typo in your account name? Or maybe you're rebranding? Either way, you can change your account name anytime. Changing this name will also change the name of your Company HQ.

Adminland 'Rename this account' page

View Everything in the Trash

As an account owner, you can view everything that's been put in the trash - across all Projects and Teams in the account. This is helpful for owners to see an overview of what's been deleted and gives you an opportunity to recover anything that you want to keep.

Within Adminland, scroll down and click view everything in the trash

Once you click that, you'll see an account wide overview of everything that's been trashed. This is ordered by date - oldest to newly trashed.

Adminland 'Everything in the trash' page

If you'd like to restore the trashed item, click on it and you will be given the option to view it, restore it or go to the trash to permanently delete it.

Trashed item banner

Cancel this account

If you're sure you'd like to cancel your account, we'll be so sorry to see you go! Canceling takes effect immediately — you won't be charged again, and your account will be inaccessible.

For security's sake, your data will be permanently deleted after 30 days. If you need to get back into your account before then, shoot us an email. We can help!

Adminland page with arrow pointing to 'Cancel this account'

If the current owner of your account isn't available, read our account ownership policy.

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