Basecamp 3 for Android

We built Basecamp 3 to be fully featured and perfectly at home on Android. Get it on Google Play

The Home Screen

The Basecamp home screen shows your Company HQ, Teams, and Projects. Tap on a card to see all the tools available: Messages, To-dos, Campfires, and more. If you have a lot of Basecamp projects, tap on the Search icon in the toolbar then type the first few letters of the thing you’re looking for.

You can bookmark things inside Basecamp to get quick access to them. Just tap on the Bookmarks button on the home screen to see everything you’ve bookmarked.

Android Home Screen and My Bookmarks screen

Hey! and Pings

Next to Home is Hey!. You’ll see a badge on Hey! any time you have new Messages, To-dos, or Campfire notifications. You can also tap the Ping icon in the toolbar to have private conversations with others in Basecamp. You can get to Pings from almost any screen in the Basecamp app.

Android Hey! screen and Ping screen

Latest Activity

Tap Activity next to Inbox to view the latest activity across all your projects in Basecamp. Here you’ll see all the messages, to-dos, comments, and files added even when you’re not participating in the conversations. It’s a passive way to see what's happening in Basecamp. You can also run various reports on Basecamp activity by tapping the “Reports” button.

Android Activity screen and Reports screen


Me is where you can see your To-dos, Drafts, Bookmarks and more. You can also update your profile, manage the devices you use with Basecamp, update your Notification and Device Settings, and log out of Basecamp.

Android Me screen and update profile screen

Quick Add from home screen

You can add To-dos, Events, Messages, and Files by tapping the big green button on the app home screen. Here’s what it looks like when you add a To-do:

Note: If you don’t see a Basecamp as an option, please make sure that the tool (To-dos, Message Board, etc) is turned on for that Basecamp.


Basecamp 3 notifies you anytime someone comments on a thread you’re part of, “@mentions” you, or Pings you. When the Basecamp 3 app is installed on your Android device, you’ll get notifications there instead of emails. You’ll be prompted to allow notifications when you first open Basecamp 3. You can enable or disable notifications later in Settings.

Note: You won’t get Android notifications if you have Basecamp 3 open on your desktop web browser, Mac, or Windows apps.

Android notification

When you get a notification you can “Mark as Read” or “Reply” without needing to open the Basecamp app. Marking a notification as “Read” tells Basecamp not to show you that message as something that’s new. If you want Basecamp to keep it unread just swipe the notification away.

Here’s how it looks when you reply to a notification:

Basecamp 3 also allows you to snooze notifications for a few hours so you can focus. When Basecamp sends more than 3 notifications it will group all the additional notifications into one group. You can choose to snooze Basecamp notifications for 3 hours. After 3 hours, Basecamp will send out notifications based on your schedule.

Android notification with 'Snooze all notifications for 3 hours' button

You can also snooze Basecamp notifications, set up a schedule to only be notified during working hours, or turn off notifications completely. Manage these settings from your Android device while on the go by tapping Me then tapping “Change my notification settings.” Work can wait!

Android notification settings

Notification Problems

Android 'My Notification Settings' with arrow pointing to 'Send push notifications to this device'

More than one Basecamp

If you have more than one Basecamp 3 account, you’ll be automatically signed into your first Basecamp account (in alphabetical order). Once you see the home screen, you can tap on the account name in the title bar to switch accounts.

Android Home Screen with account menu open

Note: Only accounts associated with the email address you’re currently signed in with will be listed.


Adminland is the place to make administrative changes to your account like adding someone new, removing someone from the account, or changing which package your on. Everyone can see Adminland, but only Admins & Owners can actually make changes. Tap the overflow menu on the home screen and select Adminland.

Android Home Screen with overflow menu open

Note: Credit card information will need to be updated through the desktop browser.

Typing Problems?

Typing a Comment and letters or words are disappearing? This affects certain phones and 3rd party keyboards. We’re aware of the problem and are working on a fix. If your phone is affected, please try installing Google Keyboard. You can also try switching the composer to Plain Text mode by tapping the Rich Text toggle button on the lower right.

Note: This feature is only available on Comments. You can’t attach files in Plain Text mode. You need to switch back to Rich Text if you want to attach files. However, you can still “@mention” people in Plain Text mode (more info about this in the section below).

Android text composition screen

Tips and Tricks

You can “@mention” people in comments, messages, and Campfire chats. To do this just start by typing the “@” symbol and a few letters of the person’s first name. This will notify them in Basecamp. You can also tap a person’s profile picture anywhere in the Basecamp 3 Android app to see that person’s profile.

Android Campfire with Mention menu open and person profile modal

Android Wear

Basecamp 3 notifications are fully compatible with Android Wear devices. Currently, only notifications are supported on Android Wear; there is no Basecamp 3 for Android Wear app at this time.

Watch on person's wrist with Basecamp notification displaying

Note: Attaching files or images to Messages and Comments is not supported for devices running Android 4.4 - 4.4.4.

Next up: Basecamp 3 for iPhone and iPad →