Basecamp 3 for iPhone and iPad

We built Basecamp 3 to be fully featured and perfectly at home on iOS. Get it for free on the App Store. Download Basecamp 3 on the App Store

The Basics

Getting around Basecamp 3 is easy! Here are a few tips to make you a pro. There are 4 tabbed sections: Home (all of your projects and teams), Hey! (what's new for you), Activity (everything that's happened), and Find... (search for something).

A set of iPhones each showing one of the main tabs: Home, Hey!, Activity, Find

If you’re reading a message or chatting in a Campfire, for example, you’ll always see the name of the project at the top of the screen. Tap that to quickly jump somewhere else in the project. The options menu at the top right gives you quick access to all the actions you can perform on the current screen like Edit, Bookmark, or Add something new.

iOS project screen, tool jump menu, and overflow menu


Basecamp 3 notifies you when someone comments on a thread you’re part of, "@mentions" you, or Pings you. Visit the Hey! tab anytime to see what's new.

Basecamp notification on iOS lock screen and the iOS Hey! screen

If you have Basecamp 3 installed you can get notifications on your iOS device instead of emails. You’ll be prompted to allow notifications when you first open Basecamp 3. You can enable or disable notifications later in iOS Settings.

iOS home screen with push notification prompt, Basecamp settings in iOS settings

Work can wait

Basecamp 3 allows you to snooze notifications for a few hours so you can focus, set up a schedule to only be notified during working hours, or turn off notifications completely. You can manage these settings from your iOS device while on the go.

iOS Work can Wait screen

Have more than one Basecamp?

If you have more than one Basecamp 3 account you’ll see them listed in the Basecamp menu. Tap to switch to a different account.

iOS home screen and account switch screen

Note: Only accounts associated with the email address you’re currently signed in with will be listed.

Share with Basecamp

Enable Basecamp 3’s “share” extension to quickly post photos, videos, Tweets, web pages and more to a Campfire chat from any supported app without having to launch the Basecamp app.

iOS share sheet, share settings, and example share

Apple Watch

Basecamp 3 notifications are fully compatible with Apple Watch.

Basecamp notification on Apple watch, Apple watch notification settings on iOS

We also have a dedicated Watch app. You can now check and manage your Hey! Unreads right on your wrist.

All the Basecamp for Apple watch screen displayed on a set of watches

Having trouble?

Here are a few things to try if Basecamp 3 isn’t working quite right.

  1. Do you have the right Basecamp app? Basecamp 3 for iOS only works with accounts created on the new Basecamp 3 released in Fall 2015. If you’re using Basecamp Classic or Basecamp 2 you can download the Basecamp 2 app from the App Store.

  2. Are you connected to the Internet? Basecamp 3 for iOS must be connected to a cellular data or wi-fi network while in use. Instructions for connecting to wi-fi.

  3. Have you tried quitting the app and re-opening it? Here’s how.

  4. Is the app unresponsive, crashing or won’t open? Try these steps.

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