The Clientside

It's easier than ever to collaborate with clients. Your clients won't need to log in to your account — they’ll receive everything via email.

Check out our recorded Clientside class for a thorough exploration of Clientside and how to use it with your team.

If your client wants to review all your messages in one place, they can log in with a PIN to the Message Board.

Emailing your client

When you've added a client to your Project, you'll see a tab that says Email the client. Go ahead and click on it. Your Project has a template for a kickoff message to your client. You can make any edits you want, or skip sending it entirely. It's up to you!

'Email the client' page with kickoff message prompt

Once you've done that, head back to the Clientside. Click Send a new email to the client…

'Email the client' page

If you need to ask a client to approve something, you can do that too.

…Then choose who in the client organization should receive the email, and write your message! Everyone on the Clientside will be automatically listed as a recipient, and you can CC people on your team too.

Composing a client email on the 'Email the client' page

Note: The Clientside works like email: Once you add a message to the Clientside, it’s impossible to edit what you've sent.

Client replies

When your clients get an email, they can simply hit the reply button to respond to you. Example client email

Basecamp will thread that reply along with the original message. It's simple for them, and for you! Client email on the Clientside

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