Snoozing notifications

To see and change how your notifications are set up, click your avatar at the top right of any page in Basecamp 3.

Expanded 'Me' menu

To change the schedule for when you receive notifications, click Change schedule on that pop-up. That way, you can customize when you want to receive notifications, and when Work Can Wait.

'When?' section of the notifications settings page

If you need to snooze notifications while you're in a meeting or at an appointment, click your avatar and then on Snooze for 3 hours.

Expanded 'Me' menu with notifications snoozed

To un-snooze, simply click to Turn notifications back on.

To turn notifications off indefinitely (like when you're going to the Bahamas and you don't want a bajillion notifications waiting in your inbox on that sad, sad Monday of your return), click your avatar and then click to Turn notifications off.

Expanded 'Me' menu with arrow pointing to 'Turn notifications off' button

When you're ready, turn 'em back on by clicking the option to Turn notifications on.

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