Adding clients to a project

If you’re doing work for a client, Basecamp makes it easy to send them updates and gather their feedback on the record.

Clients won’t need to set up an ID or password to work with you in Basecamp. In fact, they'll never need to log into your account at all! Basecamp sends updates to your clients via email, and they'll respond back to you the same way.

To add a client to a project, click the Add/remove people… button right beside people’s avatars.

Project page with arrow pointing to 'Add/remove people...' button

Then switch to the People on the Clientside tab.

'People on the Clientside' tab of the add/remove people page

From here, enter the name of the client's company or organization. Then you’ll be able to add contact info for everyone you’re working with on the client side. Type names, emails, and job titles (optional) for those people.

'People on the Clientside' tab with arrow pointing to 'Who's the client?' select menu

When you’re done, hit the Save changes button, and you’re all set to work with your clients! Now you’ll see the Email the client tab on your project, and an option to send a kickoff message to get things rolling.

project page with arrow pointing to 'Email the client' tab

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