Adding files from your computer

Anywhere you see the text editor in Basecamp 3, you can attach a file one of two ways:

1. Add from your computer: click the paperclip icon and then select a file from your computer. Be sure to click the green save changes button before you leave the page so that your message and file upload properly.

Doc composition interface

OS file picker

Example document with an uploaded picture

Document save options

2. Drag and drop: drag a file from anywhere on your computer and drop it onto the page where the text editor is open. The file will appear where your cursor is, so be sure the cursor is in the place where you want the file.

Note: Image files (PNG, JPG, GIF) will appear with previews in your browser.

To delete a file attached to an item, click to edit the item (top left) and then click "•••" and Put this in trash. You'll then be taken to a page confirming that the file was deleted.

Document with an expanded 'File...' menu

Document save options

To upload a stand-alone file, go to the Project and click the Docs & Files option. Then, click the green button to Upload files. Once the file loads, click the green post these files button to publish.

Stand-alone file upload page

File Versioning

If you made changes to a file and need to add a new version, no worries! Go to the file in the project, and click to Replace with a new version.

'Replace this file with a new version' page with the 'pick a new version' section circled

Deleting and searching for files

Need to delete a file? Here's how!

Searching for a specific file? Try this!

Google Docs

Using Google Docs to collaborate with your team? Link your files in Basecamp! Head to your Files & Docs section, then click Link a Google Doc.

Docs & Files page with arrow pointing to 'Link a Google doc' button

Just add a title, and paste the link to your Google Doc. Add a note for more detail, and click on the post button.

Add a Google Doc interface

To view a linked Google Doc, click the View on Google link. Your Google Drive account will pop open. You'll need to have permissions to view the Doc. If you don't, you can request permission from the creator.

Google Doc detail page

Basecamp Docs

Need a place to take notes during a meeting? Use a text doc. Want to add reference material that others on the project need? Use a text doc.

When you're ready to set up a text doc, click on the white Docs & Files button. Then, click to Start a Doc.

Docs & Files page with arrow pointing to 'Start a doc' button

Give it a name, add your text, and then use the green Publish button to add it to the project.

Doc composition interface

After you post it, you can add comments and even notify other people.

Comment section of Doc page

Don't forget to check out the Tool Bar to format your text!

Document Versioning

Ever need to review or restore past versions of a Basecamp document? If you want to take a look at the changes a document has gone through, just click on the "History of changes" link at the bottom of its sheet.

Crop of document page focused on 'History of Changes' link

You'll see an updated view of all the changes that have happened to the document.

Document 'History of changes' page

Wanna ditch the changes and go back to the way it was before? No problem, just open up the last good version and click the button to "Make this the current version."

Crop of document page focused on 'make this the current version' button


Folders let you group stuff together in a way that makes sense for you and your team!

To create a new folder, click on the white Docs & Files button and then click the green New folder button.

Docs & Files page with arrow pointing to 'New folder' button

You'll see a small card with Untitled Folder highlighted in it. Docs & Files page with a new untitled folder

Start typing the name of the folder and then click Save now.

Docs & Files page with a titled folder

Now, simply drag cards from the Docs & Files section into the folder.

Docs & Files page with a file being dragged into a folder

You can also drag files and folders out a folder or even into another.

Docs & Files page with a file being dragged out of a folder

You can also move or copy docs and files into other projects. Read more about that here.


Need to download or use your Docs & Files outside of Basecamp? You can download an entire folder in a couple clicks. Here’s how:

  1. First go to the folder you'd like to download
  2. Click on the "•••" menu in the top-right
  3. In that menu you’ll find an option to Download this folder, tap that

Docs & Files page with the '...' menu open and an arrow pointing to 'Download this folder'

Note: depending on the size of the folder, it can take up to a minute or so to gather up the contents of the folder. Just hang tight — your download will start automatically as soon as it’s ready.

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