Message and Doc drafts

Don't want to publish your Document or Message right away? Drafts are a quick and easy way for you to save your work to publish later.

Saving your draft

Message interface with an arrow pointing to 'Save as a draft' button

Finding your saved drafts is easy! Find them saved in the card of the Project where you created them:

Message board page with arrow pointing to 'Continue writing your draft...' button

Or, you can find them through your My Stuff menu on your Home Screen.

Home screen with arrow pointing to 'My Drafts' link

Publishing your draft

Once you're ready to publish your draft, open it up and click on the Post this message or Post this document button. Don't forget to choose who should be notified!

Crop of message interface focused on publishing options

To share a draft, you'll need to send a direct link to someone else in the project. Otherwise, the draft is only visible to you.

There's no way to "trash" a draft, only to permanently delete it. Contact support if you need to recover a draft that was deleted within the last 25 days.

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