Finding your stuff is easy in Basecamp 3! Just click Find… at the top of the page.

Basecamp menu bar with 'Find...' option circled

Find page search interface

Search Basecamp content

Use the search feature to find any term, and filter further by item type (e.g., Campfires, Files, or To-dos), the person who posted it, and/or the Project it's in.

Find page search interface

Find files

To filter for files specifically, select the I’m looking for an image or file… link on the search page. This will also show you every file or image in the account.

Find page with arrow pointing to 'I'm looking for an image or file...' link

You can be as general or as specific with each of the filters as you need!

'Find an image or file' page

Search Pings

If the content you're looking for occurred in a private ping with one or more other users, you can use the Search my ping conversations… link on the search page to look that up.

Crop of Find page focused on 'Search my ping conversations' link

'Search my ping conversations' interface

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