Divvy up tasks in your Project by creating lists.

Project to-do page

To start a new list, give it a name and click Create to-do list. You can also add notes, files or images about the list.

To-do list details page

Start adding to-dos and assigning them to users. When you begin typing their name in the "Assign" field, Basecamp 3 will display matching results.

Assignment interface for a to-do

When you assign a to-do to someone else, they'll receive a notification. Once it's done, they can click in the checkbox next to the to-do to mark it as complete.

To-do with an arrow pointing to checkbox

To-dos can also be assigned a due date or a span of dates — select the radio button for the type you need. Then, select the date(s). The person assigned will get a reminder notification at 9:00 AM the day before the due date and again at 9:00 AM on the day it’s due.

To-do due date interface

Leave a note, pictures or files if the to-do needs more detail.

To-do notes interface

To edit a list or to-do title, click on it, then click Edit at the top left. When you're done, click Save changes.

Move items in your list or between lists by clicking and dragging the small grip icon to the left. Drop them in their new place. You can do this with entire lists, too!

To-do list with a to-do being moved

You can see the number of completed to-dos in your lists at a glance, so you always know how much you've done.

To-do page with completion status focused

Bulk assign and bulk archive to-dos

You can bulk assign to-dos to someone on your account and bulk archive to-dos.

Here’s how:

Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) next to one of the to-dos you want to add bulk actions to.

To-do list with arrow pointing to (three horizontal line) menu

Press Command + Shift (Mac) or Control + Shift (Windows) and then click on all the to-dos you want to bulk assign or archive.

To-do list with two to-dos selected and an open to-do menu

Choose either Assign x to-dos or Archive them. If you chose to assign them, you will be taken to a new page where you can assign the to-dos to a user from a dropdown.

To-do bulk assignment page

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