Trashing, archiving, and restoring


Need to trash or archive something? No problem!

Click on the item you'd like to trash or archive. Next, click on the "•••" icon on the upper right side of the page. Then, click the Put this in the trash option in the menu.

To-do list with expanded '...' menu and arrow pointing to 'Put this in the trash' option


If you decide you need a trashed item back, you can restore it for up to 25 days. Go to the Project in which you deleted the item, and click on Settings toward the upper right, then on See items in the trash.

Project settings menu with arrow pointing to 'See items in the trash...'

From there, you can restore or permanently delete the item by clicking on the item and selecting the option you prefer. Admins can permanently delete anything; users can permanently delete items they created. Anyone can restore an item.

Banner with option to view, restore, or see item in the trash


When an item is no longer relevant to the account but should still remain in it (but out of the way of the more relevant material), you can archive it. Go to the item and click the "•••" button at the top right and select Archive this.

To-do list with expanded '...' menu and arrow pointing to 'Archive' option

You can restore or delete an archived item by visiting the Project in which you archived the item, and clicking on the tool for the type of item you need to restore or delete (e.g., Docs & Files). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on archived items.

Docs and Files page with archived link circled

Click on the item you wish to restore or delete permanently, and click on the link to either unarchive or trash it.

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