When we released Basecamp over 20 years ago, we needed a better way to manage projects and progress as a team. Email, chat, spreadsheets, calls, scattered documents, information here, there, and everywhere just wasn’t cutting it.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of competitors begin to make similar products, but with too many confusing features to add to the chaos of packed meeting calendars and overflowing inboxes.

We created the JUST LET ME DO MY JOB campaign to remind the world that there’s a better way to get things done and that It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work.

Our campaign launched with 98 billboards, signs and posters in Boston — a city filled with a lot of people commuting to a lot of meetings about a lot of emails.

We then launched a set of TV spots nationwide. With all of the devices and tools we now have, work should be getting easier, right?

Watch how two of us created, wrote, location scouted, casted, directed, produced, acted in, and edited four Basecamp TV spots using Basecamp with only two meetings and a couple emails. No agencies or production companies.

Webby Award Nominee JUST LET ME DO MY JOB was nominated as one of the 5 best Brand Strategies out of 14,000 entries around the world!

AdAge covered the campaign during Super Bowl week. An Editor’s Pick is no easy feat, especially when we’re up against star–studded multimillion dollar productions.

AdAge Editor’s Pick

JUST LET ME DO MY JOB appears online, in podcasts and on social media. We also began partnerships with our friends at WeTransfer and Unsplash.

Unsplash: Another meeting isn’t the answer Unsplash: Meeting declined

To highlight how bosses have become one the biggest distractions in many modern workplaces, we launched the Send Your Boss to Hell Sweepstakes, giving one lucky winner the chance to to tell their boss to “Go to Hell” — literally — on a six-day / five-night getaway for two to the Cayman Islands, where they’ll tour the town known as Hell.

While their boss is out of the office, our winner will have the much needed opportunity to catch up on all the work that actually gets done when they’re not constantly interrupted by calendar tetris and zoom gloom.

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