July 6, 2023

✨ Time travel, leaving the cloud,
and something useful we built

Hey there!

Here are some recent highlights from 37signals (makers of Basecamp and HEY).

Features We’ve Added

A quick look at the latest product updates for Basecamp and HEY:

  • Basecamp → Time Travel & Markers in The Lineup: Sometimes you’re looking to zoom out and see the bigger picture. The Lineup is Basecamp’s way of giving you a bird’s eye view of projects in play. With some recent additions, now you can look into the future six weeks at a time with the Time Travel button, or note important dates and milestones by dropping a Marker.
  • Basecamp → Date Picker: This one was a popular customer request. The new date picker makes it easier to select a day, month, and year that’s far in the future, without all the clicking. Most importantly, this feature is a big upgrade for anyone using assistive tech. When we shared this new feature with longtime user Simon, who uses a screen reader, he said:
    “I shared this e-mail at the team meeting today (which has several other screen reader users) and a lot of people were happy to hear about the support experience and continued accessibility work. We evaluated a number of project management apps and Basecamp absolutely flattened the competition, especially in accessibility, so that’s why we’re using it.”

Thoughts We’ve Shared

Recent posts from 37signals’ Co-Founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson:

Things We’re Excited About

  • Organizing a Company Meetup in Basecamp: In April, more than 70 of our employees traveled from around the world to New Orleans for a company meetup. Coordinating hotels, meals, presentations, guest speakers, activities, and more is a daunting task. But the entire week was organized by just two employees, of course using Basecamp. Here’s a quick video highlighting how they got it all done.

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