July 20, 2023

✨ Reply to everyone, don’t
confuse stalking and selling,
and when to jump into AI

Hey there!

Here are some recent highlights from 37signals (makers of Basecamp and HEY).

Features We’ve Added

A quick look at the latest product updates for Basecamp and HEY:

  • HEY → Reply to Everyone: Have you ever found yourself typing the same email over and over again? Maybe you got 14 emails asking for details about the family reunion. Or, if you’re using Hey Workflows, and you want to send the same response to all your new sales leads, HEY’s Reply to Everyone feature is for you. Just select any number of individual email threads and compose a single message that’s sent to all.
  • Basecamp → Remove To-dos from Your Schedule: The Schedule is the place to see all the events and due dates for your Basecamp projects. But for projects with lots of to-dos, it can be difficult for important events to stand out. That’s why we’ve added the option to remove to-dos from the Schedule, allowing you to keep your calendar free of everything but events.

Thoughts We’ve Shared

Recent posts from 37signals’ Co-Founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson:

Things We’re Excited About

  • Recently on REWORK: This season of The REWORK Podcast is in full swing. Check out some of our listeners’ favorite recent episodes, including When to Jump Into AI, why 37signals works in Two-Person Teams, and our final discussion on Leaving the Cloud, a conversation with 37signals’ Co-Founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson and Director of Operations Eron Nicholson.

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