August 3, 2023

📚 Why do educators love
using Basecamp?

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It’s August, and summer is quickly coming to an end. At 37signals, that means the end of summer hours, and the beginning of Back to School season. You might not know this, but Education customers make up 8% of all Basecamp users. We see teachers, students, school administrators and parent volunteers collaborating in projects to manage classrooms, develop a curriculum, and even organize after-school clubs.

Gwyn uses Basecamp at XP School Trust in Doncaster, UK, to run eight government-funded schools:

“I’ve used every incarnation of Basecamp over the years, ever since I interviewed a guy to project manage us, and he told me we needed to start with documentation. I didn’t hire him, and I found Basecamp instead. Phew!”

Damon is a school administrator in Kodiak, Alaska, and has used Basecamp in schools for almost a decade:

“Our State Learning Standards are obtuse to navigate. It’s hard to get teachers to work together to “unpack” the standards, share resources, and provide instructions on how best to meet the standards with available resources. At least it used to be hard. Now we are using Basecamp and we are suddenly on the same page.”
Sharing education content and learning standards
School Administration

These are just a couple of examples from our Basecamp Community, a great resource that’s open to all Basecamp customers. And, if you’re a teacher or know someone who could use Basecamp for Education, there’s more information about our discounts here.

In the meantime, here’s more of what’s new at 37signals:

Features We’ve Added

  • Project Builder: Basecamp projects are where it all comes together. And with the new Basecamp project builder, it’s easier than ever to create projects, whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro. Add project details and dates, choose your tools, and invite team members, all in one place.
    New project builder.

Thoughts We’ve Shared

From Co-founder and CTO David Heinemeier Hansson:

  • Don’t lose your unreasonable sense of urgency: The irony of being successful in business is that it’ll invariably attract smart people who can tell you all the good reasons why you can no longer go as quickly as you once did. Don’t listen too closely…

Things We’re Excited About

  • New Home Page: We just launched a redesigned! Curious about it? Jason Fried talks about why it’s designed the way it’s designed, structured the way it’s structured, and written the way it’s written.
  • Basecamp in 🇮🇳 India: Live in India? Run a small business? For the very first time, Basecamp is offering reduced pricing for new Indian small business customers starting at just ₹350/user per month. India has always been a big market for us — top 5 in traffic and revenue — but recently it feels like something really changed. Turns out, YouTube videos from Ankur Warikoo, Kishan Chotaliya and Shobhit Nirwan have made our book REWORK a very big deal in the Indian entrepreneurial community. And via REWORK, people have been discovering Basecamp. We’re beyond grateful, and thoroughly excited by the interest.
  • Moving from Basecamp 2 to Basecamp 4: Are you on an earlier version of Basecamp? While we’ve pledged to maintain those products until the end of the internet, there are some new tools and features in Basecamp 4 you might want to check out. And you can switch now without changing the price of your existing plan! Watch our team walk through the transition step-by-step in our recent office hours session, and check out our help guide to learn more about upgrading your account.

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