November 30, 2023

🙌 Quick Wins and Cool-downs

Hi there—

Can you believe it? Here we are at the last month of 2023. At 37signals, we’ve just completed the last 6-week cycle of our year, and are into an extended cool-down period. This is a period with no scheduled work, where we can breathe, meet as needed, and consider what to do next.

In the next several weeks, some of our team will put the finishing touches on projects from the last cycle. Some will knock off some quick wins. And quite a few are charging ahead with our upcoming releases of the first ONCE product and the new calendar for HEY.

With just a few weeks left in the year, now is a good time to decidewhen to consider work "done." It’s always tempting to increase the scope of a project, but making choices makes the product better. Being picky about scope differentiates the product.

You can also check out this Rework Podcast episode on how quick wins keep momentum going. Small victories can build morale, increase motivation, and give you something to celebrate today.

Here are a few other things you might have missed…

Thoughts We’ve Shared

In today’s hustle-centric work environment, there’s a prevailing pressure to showcase constant busyness, sometimes at the expense of genuine productivity. In the latest episode of the Rework Podcast, we dismantle the myth of the “outwork” mentality and delve into the nuances of work ethic, productivity, and career advancement within the constantly changing dynamics of the workplace.

And on the lighter side, don’t miss this throwback clip on employee benefits — like the working masseuse, free food paste for lunch, and the midnight shuttle service home! What great benefits! No, really. It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work.

Things We’re Excited About

Once a product category proves popular, it’s common for more companies to enter the market. Generics are launched that are devoid of fancy packaging, marketing, and advertising. This happens in most industries. Maybe not in airplanes, but absolutely in peanut butter. And you know what’s closer to peanut butter than airplanes? Software. Speaking of, we’re just weeks away from the first ONCE product…

There’s now an official Rails job board with openings from companies like Shopify, Intercom, Fleetio, Moneybird, and others. If you’re looking for a Rails job, you can subscribe to be notified of new postings. If you’re looking to hire, there’s a December special — just $99 per job post (normally $299). Happy hiring!

Until next time,
Elaine, COO of 37signals

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