February 1, 2024

Going Live 📺

Hey there,

We’ve been producing podcasts for a while now. In August 2017, we started "The Distance," which focused on stories of businesses that have been operating for at least 25 years and the people who got them there. In 2021, we created the "Rework Podcast," a weekly discussion with 37signals cofounders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, on their observations and learnings from 20+ years of building a business.

And the whole time, we’ve been doing it the traditional way, you know, recording it in advance, editing out the awkward um’s and ah’s, and then releasing it into the wild for listeners (and now viewers) to enjoy whenever they get a chance. A couple of weeks ago, we added in live episodes, and suddenly it’s not just a show anymore; it’s a conversation, a community event, and a real-time interaction.

Going live is like opening the door and letting the audience sit down on the couch with us. They can throw questions out, share their thoughts, and we can respond right then and there. It’s interaction in the moment, which feels way more personal and engaging.

Live shows also have this unpredictable vibe that pre-recorded content can’t match. Sure, it’s a bit riskier because you can’t edit out mistakes, but that’s also what makes it feel real. It’s like the difference between getting a letter and having a conversation.

Finally, we can make it an event that creates a sense of occasion and community, like you’re all gathering for something special. And we just did that with a live announcement of the launch of Campfire, the first Once product from 37signals!

If you missed the previous chatter about it (pun intended!), Campfire is a super simple group chat application. If you’ve used Slack or Teams, you already know how to chat with Campfire. Pay once, download, run one command, and host your whole company on your own server. It’s yours. Check it out!

In the meantime, here are a few other things you might have missed…

Thoughts We’ve Shared

  • We need a right to compute
    The App Store dispute can be boiled down to one big question: Is the iPhone a computer or not? If it’s a computer, we ought to have the right to compute, like consumers have won the right to repair. If it’s a computer, it ought to be yours, and you ought to have the right to install whatever software you choose.
    — David Heinemeier Hansson
  • Enough feedback comes quick
    Invite 100, get 10, 5 probably tell you all you need to know. Or at least 80% of it, which is all you need to know. Another 10, 20, 50+ will end up telling you mostly the same as those core five. And you’ll find yourself repeating yourself — explaining the same thing you already explained, just to new people. Or thanking them for reports you’ve already received. The stuff that you loved learning the first time becomes irritating after three more people tell you three more times.
    — Jason Fried

Things We’re Excited About

  • Save important information with a "clip"
    Have you ever been stuck outside your AirBnB looking for those check-in instructions? With HEY, it’s easy to save important information by saving a clip in your Clips Library. That way finding it when you need it takes just a couple taps. Watch this video, and I’m sure you’ll relate!
  • Merging threads in HEY
    Ever have multiple threads floating around about the same thing? With HEY, you can merge those threads into one, without messing anything up for anyone else on those threads!

Until next time,
Elaine, COO of 37signals

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