April 4, 2024

😓 How’s your work ethic?

Dear 37signals,

My boss is super passionate about our work, which is awesome, but it’s like he’s got a turbo button stuck on “max.” Everything’s “top priority,” and he’s all about those late-night pings, updates and tweaks. You know, the kind where you redo a project midnight because… well, reasons.

He’s really into micromanaging, too. Picture this: changing a single page umpteen times until it’s just so. His heart’s in the right place, aiming for the stars for our clients and all that, but I’m not totally convinced it’s making the magic happen like he thinks it is. He says if I was “fully committed,” I’d act the same way. AITA?

— Running on Empty

Dear Empty,

In a word. No.

Hustlemania has captured a monopoly on entrepreneurial inspiration. This endless stream of pump-me-up quotes about working yourself to the bone. It’s time to snap out of it. The hustle may have started as a beacon for those with little to outsmart those with a lot, but now it’s just synonymous with “the grind.” And so many people end up broken and burned out with nothing to show for it.

You aren’t more worthy because you sacrificed everything, because you kept pushing through the pain or drove your team “to the max.”

When management holds up certain people as having a “great work ethic” because they’re always around, always working, that’s a terrible example of a work ethic and a great example of someone who’s overworked.

We can’t do anything about your boss, but equating work ethic with excessive hours isn’t going to get you ahead.

Trust us. It doesn’t have to be crazy at work.

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— Jason Fried

Things We’re Excited About

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Seeing the big picture

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Until next time,
Elaine, COO of 37signals

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